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HR today is a strategic partner of any organization. HRDGuru is a platform where you share your learning and gain from experiences of those who have strategically contributed in the growth of their organization, post HR related & legal / statutory write-ups

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Human Resource Development As Well As Training Specified

The idea of human resource development and training is all about supplying workers with all the equipment to produce their particular expertise, personalized abilities, organisational skills as well as skills. It could consist of schooling, helping, loss supervision, series preparing, hour train...

  • Created Date27 Nov, 2014
  • Views3756

Do I Have Enough Time? No I Don't

I have seen so many people who always say ‘I am so busy, I don’t have time for this’. They are always busy by doing something or nothing. Actually, they don’t know how to manage the things in the planned way, which is called time management. If someone knows about time management then they surely will have always time to do the new things and have time for their social and personnel life....

  • Created Date11 Sep, 2014
  • Views1427
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  • Comments4

What My Skills Make Me Happy And Stay In A Company

Working in the private companies is always challenging and enjoyable. You’ll think, is this true or wrong? If you have good skills and doing your job with perfection and dedication in the organization and you are capable to achieve your target in the desired time frame then you will definitely enjoy your job....

  • Created Date31 Aug, 2014
  • Views1322
  • Likes1
  • Comments4

How To Love The Job You Hate

You know the feeling: Getting out of bed Monday morning is a struggle, followed by five long, bleak days. You're not alone. About a million people a day phone in sick -- and it's not the bird flu. Some surveys have found that 87% of Americans don't like their jobs....

  • Created Date12 Feb, 2014
  • Views1311
  • Likes1

Have These HR Skills, You Will Never Get Fired

What makes HR Professional successful? Is it their expertise in human resource or versatile skills in this domain? When we talk about Hr Professional, we always think about the qualities and versatile skills in that person including great leadership skills. A remarkable leader can give the rema...

  • Created Date07 Nov, 2016
  • Views992

How To Find Your Employees Are Happy Or Not

Being an HR person, it’s important to know that your employees are happy or not.  Its prime responsibility of HR to make a healthy environment in the office/ workplace. Here are the few steps that you can look out for the quietly to ensure that your folks are doing well! Smiling: A real...

  • Created Date02 Dec, 2016
  • Views753
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