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HR is a strategic partner of any organization in today’s modern era. is a platform where you can share your learning and gain from the experiences of those who have strategically contributed in the growth of their organization. You can go out to post HR related as well as legal / statutory write-ups.

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Spread your outreach among the HR fraternity. You will be able to interact extensively with both experienced and budding HR professionals through online messages, instant feedback, open discussions and raising queries. Know more HR professionals and expand your network and keep in touch by sharing experiences, articles, and achievements.

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Prepare yourself for the vast opportunities available. Skill yourself with the art of preparing your resumes, gearing for interviews, enhance your knowledge base. Through exclusive interaction, groom yourself for your career enhancement. Once you are ready, look out for various open positions on the single platform across the country and get placed as per your choice.

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Blogging is a way to express your urge for exploring the untapped sources. Share your professional experiences, learning, specific incidents and trigger a chain of discussions. Best blogger will get recognition through this platform by various means. Get a number of followers who will wait for your next blogs and visit as soon as you publish one. Also, get your role models who can help you to enhance your knowledge base by reading their experiences in the blogs shared.

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Getting instant help is vital for today’s fast moving market. You may left behind if not submitted the required documents or tasks within time limits. Share your query with the HR professionals team here and get instant replies who can even help you with the formats they are using in their own organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I register with

Ans: You can simply click on the ‘Login’ button on the right corner on top of the home page. Here, you can simply submit the e-mail ID and set password to get registered. Else, you can even use the inbuilt features of getting you logged in through your Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and twitter accounts. That’s it, you are ready to start explore the platform.

Q2. Is there any registration fee or other kind of expenses?

Ans: No. the platform is totally free to access, explore, download the shared documents, and even share your own with your peer members. We never charge anything for any feature of the website.

Q3. How can I find the specific topics to read?

Ans: On website, we have various categories under Blogs and Discussions section where you can select from the drop down list, and read all the stuff related to the selected stuff.

Q4. Can I specifically read the articles of my preferred HR author?

Ans. Yes, you can. You can click on the ‘Follow’ button under each article of the article and get the notification henceforth whenever there is new post from them. Else, you can search for the member name in the search bar given on the home page and read all their articles at a single go.

Q5. Is there any way I can help this community?

Ans. Yes, definitely. We would be more than happy if you come forward and share your experiences with us on the platform that is open for all to share. It will help the community, our readers, and your experience. You can help others to brush up their HR facts and studies and you can explore a writer within you as well.

Q6. How do you make sure that the articles we share are reaching people?

Ans. We take this very seriously that our author’s contributions get good exposure and appreciation in one or the other ways. We share the best suited articles on our LinkedIn, Facebook, and twitter accounts that have thousands of followers. It helps the article to reach more audience helping your popularity.

Q7. What if I want to change my credentials?

Ans. It is very easy to do the same on by simply clicking on the profile on the upper right corner where you have Edit button for each section separately. For example, if you want to change the professional details, you click on the edit button only on the respective section and make the required changes.

Q8. Why should I use a website to ask my queries? How is it better to personally ask someone I know?

Ans. gives you the opportunity to connect with the HR professionals all over the world and share advice, tips, and views about various HR topics with each other and get benefitted from the experiences of a large community. stands out from the traditional word of mouth: By helping you discover various formats, structures HRs use in other industries, helping you out in your queries from diverse group of professionals bringing you the widest range of services for your HR queries.

Q9. How can I read the best of the platform in the minimum period of time?

Ans. We spend a lot of time to save yours. You can see the trending, recent, and top discussions segregated on the front page itself. You can click and read best or recent of them selecting from the front page and go ahead as per your time convenience.

Q10. Is the information shared in articles on authenticated by law?

Ans. The articles shared by authors of are their own views, experiences, and intellect. All the information shared is based on an individual understanding and hrdguru doesn’t hold any responsibility for having any dispute over the same. However, we read each and every word getting shared on the platform and try to keep it fair and correct in every sense. You are free to share any thoughts or issues if you have any.