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With the changing times and business solutions, HR has become one of the important and integral parts of the business strategies. Talent Management is an important as well as a difficult process of any corporation. No matter, which industry we are working in, keeping you updated with the HR trends is an essential part for any HR professional. Even if you want to move ahead in your career in the same industry, every organization has a different set of employees, departments, issues, solutions, and hence different learning lessons.

Once an HR professional starts reading HR blogs, you get to know more about the trends in other companies as well as the industries. Here are some of the reason I keep reading other’s side of HR stories and also writing mine to keep me and everyone updated and knowledge enriched.

The blogs are regularly updated on the sites or on the personal blogs owned by HR professional. They make sure that they keep the blog place updated and hence once you start searching online for a specific point, you come across recent discussions over the topic in the HR blogs. Hence, the blogs become the easiest and convenient source of information for the readers who want to know more about the recent happenings in their respective domains.

When you search and read blogs of HR individuals, you can be assured that the piece of information you are reading is completely a piece of reality and not linked to any profits of big media giants. Usually, when we listen to or read the news by media houses, the content is paid and being modified as per the requirement of the payer. So, blogs pay a great role filling the gap of reality and paid content.

You realize once you start reading their blogs that when the bloggers write their HR experiences, it is a perfect mixture of opinions and the explanations behind the same. It becomes more relevant for the reader to believe wherein they even get the reason to believe the information shared.

Remember, people are more interested in people rather than theories and news. When people come to read your writings, they are actually there to read you, your stories, and your experiences with other people in your company. Readers stop by your blog page, again and again, to read how a story progresses or what new happenings are there in your professional life.

We understand that when people want to improve, they can’t go to any person physically saying that I am not doing well and I want to improve. Blogs shared by your fellow HR friends are the perfect place for learning from others. They would like to know and discover if there’s a better way of doing what they are doing.

We believe that when you decide to share the stories, knowledge, and incidents pertaining to HR domain, you join us on the path of one of the responsibilities of an HR professional towards the next generation HR candidates as well as your fellow HR friends. It creates a healthy atmosphere of sharing and caring. Then, it doesn’t even matter at what level you are working and how much working experience you have in the same field. As far as you are capable of reaching out the readers and make them understand your point of view and can enrich them with knowledge, you are doing great.

Hence, you should always keep following few of the best websites like where you can come any time to read other professionals ideas and share your thoughts as well at your convenience.

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Vikas Bhardwaj
Vikas Bhardwaj Feb 13, 2018 UTC
Well said Prachi. Always we need to upgrade our skills by reading and learning time to time.

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