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Updated: Jan 02, 2019 UTC
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Recruitment holds the biggest part of the Human Resource Department and most of our time is spent on hiring good candidates. Though recruitment is a lengthy process in itself, however, the recruitment can be more hectic and tough in the process of making it tougher for the candidates. If you are tired of making the list of the open positions with you along with the checklist of activities prepared to get more and more qualified candidates engaged, then this article for you. Here, we will be sharing few tips that will make you work smarter.  A good Recruiter must be a great Observer

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1. Less focus on Similar Work History: First of all, always remember that a potential candidate may or may not have the similar work history. While screening the resumes, shortlist few of the candidates who have experience in various fields and multi-level work history. 

Once you start interviewing the shortlisted candidates, in spite of asking questions directly about the profile they have handled, draft your questions in a way of giving them few scenarios to know if they would come up with the desired output. An intelligent candidate capable of handling situations can be more potential than a candidate who has over-lapping of the same kind of work experience.

2. Know their Dislikes. Instead of asking them about their area of interest or the field they are more interested in, ask them questions about what they actually don't like. This will give you a better understanding of the candidate if he/ she is suitable for the position you are looking for and can fit in your organisation or not.

3. Less Personal Questions. I strongly believe that if you do not need any of the candidate's personal information, you should not ask. If you ask them about their strengths, weaknesses, or even the accomplishments in their lives, you will get a lost of things they have come prepared with. Moreover, it can lead to undesired conversation leading to non-fruitful results. 

Recruiters should always be good at listening skills and hence should ask questions in a rather different way like, ask them, 'What makes you sad or happy?' or 'Talk about your passion' where you will get to know better about the person you are talking to. And this is what we all need at the end of an interview session.

4. Hire out-of-the-league candidates. We all want to hire candidates from a reputed college, great family, educational, and work experience background. But, the candidates who have studied from non-premium institutes and rather middle-level colleges have gone through similar course curriculum and might have a better understanding of the concepts. So, when you screen the candidates next time, try to call few out-of-the-league candidates. You may know the difference at first instance. Even if not any difference, they have similar zeal, readiness, qualification, and eagerness to show at the workplace.

5. Hire for a Company, not Department. When we shortlist the candidates, we have the job profile, eligibility criterion, and designation in our mind. However, it is always advisable that when you hire an employee, keep the whole company in mind if the candidate is suitable for the company, its culture, its policies. Also, always look out for candidates who have high potential and high-performance capabilities that can prove to be great for the company in future. 

Always make sure that you have a great mix of performers and potential employees in your company to keep it moving towards achieving goals at an amazing pace.  Do you know "Google recruiters suggest ways to improve Interviewing skills"?

So, next time when you sit in an interview to hire a candidate, try to keep these tips in mind and see if you feel any difference in your opinion.

Good Luck.

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Kajal Thakur
Kajal Thakur Feb 17, 2018 UTC
Great work Prachi!! Always something new and informative, best write-ups I have find here. Waiting for next ones. Best regards.

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