The ‘Hidden Truths’ Behind Employee Separation

Added: Aug 29, 2014 UTC
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It’s time to quit! These words may sound good if an organization wants to get rid of a particular worker but is not very good news if the employee who is about to quit is a dedicated worker.

The hiring and firing is the sole responsibility of the HRD section of an organization. It’s a sad thing to lose ‘wanted’ employees, but then why does an employee relation with the organization go sour? Employees often maintain a staid silence on leaving as they are sure that the company will never change to improve.

It’s imperative that the Human Resource Development people realize the importance of employee retention, as good workers are very hard to find. We have tried to gather a few “not told” reasons, why the employees move out of the organization.

 Lots of times the human resource department has no option but to carry out exit interviews because the atmosphere in the organization becomes laden with negativity. The First and foremost reason for this as stated by exit employees is that they have  a “credit grabbing” and grudging boss who made it impossible for them to perform. The employees claim that they are affected by the ineffective leadership and lack of trust with their bosses. They feel that the Manager or superior take away the credit of the job done by them and they are not appreciated for the efforts they put in.

For a change in an organization it is imperative to be open to ideas. For this there has to be a transparency regarding the company’s Human resource policies. Employees long for a visibility as they want to advance in their career. Sometimes the suggestions made by the employee are brushed away without a second thought by the Boss, this halts their creative progress. The employee is desirous of three things- a good pay package, a growth path and an increase in knowledge. Whenever the compensation packages are overlooked the seeds of doubt and discontent are sowed in the minds of the employee.

When a company goes for downsizing they end up making the same employee perform the job of three men at the same time. The money remains the same and no overtime charges added to the employee’s package. The compensation factor is strongly ignored. To add insult to injury the employee is asked to slog it out 24/7. It’s imperative for the HRD people to get proper employee training and appreciate that employees are the biggest investment of the company.


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