What My Skills Make Me Happy And Stay In A Company

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Working in the private companies is always challenging and enjoyable. You’ll think, is this true or wrong? If you have good skills and doing your job with perfection and dedication in the organization and you are capable to achieve your target in the desired time frame then you will definitely enjoy your job.

Challenges come when you are performing your best and not achieving the companies targeted goals and your bosses are always ready to shout on you even smaller things, that time you’ll feel so exhausted and even not pleased with what you are doing.

Always think positive and do your best, think you are so capable that you can do, there is nothing to stop you unless you have confidence and dedication. If you love your work with happiness and takes new challenges, surely this will increase your knowledge and confidence day by day.

 At the time of Performance Appraisal, the human resource department will map your calendar years skills.  If you really took good challenges and initiates to achieve your and company target, they will give you very good rating and even you can get reward and recognition.  

What I have learned in past years should always increase further by training and development, so that I can be able to take new challenges of the company. There should be zeal of learning the new things in the company, the day you learn more the day you perform more, which make you always happy and stay in the company.



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