Crisis Is Temporary! Emotions Always Leak, Accept Your Weakness

Updated: Jan 23, 2019 UTC
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Have you noticed that if you catch a person at a raw end bursting into tears, an apology quickly follows? Crying is certainly not a sin, but is it all right to cry at a work place?

Sometimes the traumas of personal life precede the work environment. Loads of sleepless nights makes a person arrive at the workplace laden with a bunch of emotional breakdowns, frequent crying bouts and puffy eyes. Can you be the best professional in such a turbulent situation?

The effort to hide the agony may be pushed behind a veneer of busyness and cheer, but the stressors and turbulent emotions take their toll. One can end up as an uncompromising and impatient task master. The lack of coping up with personal failure leads to an ignoring of the needs of the other co-workers. What happens if you end up burning the delicate bridge that exists between you and your boss, or the one that hangs between you and your subordinates? Where does the human resource development go then?”

It does get awkward to expose your vulnerability or accept your weakness in the workplace, especially if you are competing for promotion or growth. After all you were the perfect person for the job at the time of employee engagement! Fear or sadness may affect your performance, you are human, or aren’t you?                                                                                                                            

Emotional traumas make it impossible to tackle other people’s needs and this is imperative for proper training and development of the employees. Emotions leak so don’t just shove them beneath the surface and go on working as a competent pro. Prepare yourself for it. There is no harm in admitting that you are facing a tough period and just need a little more time to tide over the worst.

Human Resource planning includes acceptance of happenings in your life and owning up to them tactfully. Don’t blurt out the details but admit all is not normal and you are not being yourself. Admit you have a situation that home that is impacting your attitude and you may be losing patience at times.   Ask the others to bear with your temperament and be thankful for their support. This will result in promoting understanding with your co-workers and will also prevent the gossip tongues from wagging unnecessarily in the workplace.

Keep it in mind, any change in your behavior is being noted anyway. Rather than have the people deduce their own reasons accept your vulnerability and show everyone that you are amenable and approachable at work. Don’t end up being called a “jerk”!

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