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Development in an organization and its efficacy is dependent on the smooth working between the employees. Collective success of an organization is possible only by adhering to the human resources management. Is it necessary to take up Human resources as a vocation for this?

Unlike professional jobs like Engineers, most of the expert HR professionals need to have two important qualities – sound business acumen and a strong leadership quality even if they belong to the non HR fields. To turn into a great HR professional one needs to possess the qualities of Experimentation and a Vision for the future growth.

 Curiosity to learn and the ability to influence the life of the employees in a positive manner are necessary to turn into a good HR professional. These qualities help fling aside the general “this is the way it is always done” mentality and end up pushing the employees to action, thus leading to employee motivation.

For motivation and employee engagement it is essential to give vent to new approaches and new ideas. Remember, that the human resource decisions can be reversed and thus it is a must to be able to experiment. There is no need to fret, as the steady and old ways are always there to return to, but it is imperative to try out new waters with strategic thinking, novel vision and good decision making skills for the growth of the organization. It is imperative to keep in mind that the leader of the team actually has the ability to influence the whole organization and this kind of action is a positive influence for the progress of the company!

The recruitment of the employees, their training, their performance and their termination from the organization are all the responsibility of the Human resource department. The basic role of the HR professionals is to provide proper coaching and train the employees. One need not be a HR professional to have managerial capability but there is a need to be trained in maintaining a tight budget and adhering to cost cutting methods. Presence of mind and a keen method of transparent communication is a must to hold the employees together.

Non HR professionals also need to know about posting job requisitions, creating posts, interviewing people, screening the curriculum-vitae. After this the professional has to check the references of the people who have been chosen for the job. An internship with the Human resource department can train a non-professional to handle all these tasks.  Just keep it in mind that the employees appreciate transparency and proper communication in and organization.




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