Do I Have Enough Time? No I Don't

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I have seen so many people who always say ‘I am so busy, I don’t have time for this’. They are always busy by doing something or nothing.  Actually, they don’t know how to manage the things in a planned way, which is called time management. If someone knows about time management then they surely will have always time to do the new things and have time for their social and personal life.

 Life is very fast and everyone is so busy in their portfolios and even they don’t have the time for their children and parents. Yes, it’s good to keep busy ourselves with various things, but should be in planned manners, so that we can manage the time for our family and children also.

Family is also important besides the Job, but now a day’s people are getting so busy with unnecessary things/activities, they don’t have time for their family and children.  They can spend lots of time for office parties and in wondering here and there.

They don’t know how to manage the things according to time management. Now a day’s it is highly important so that one should have the time for all the activities. Manage your time with this fundas.

Manage your professional target: Even you are working in private or government sector; you should plan your professional targets and daily activities so that you can able to meet your target according to your desired time frame. You can learn so many things by training and development. This is called smart working and time management. Surely you can achieve more within time frame according to your plan manner.

Manage your family and social life: family is very important for everyone, and there should be proper care and attention toward family because family always seeking love and time from their owns, which gives so much happiness and unforgotten movements for them. Spare the time from your busy schedule and spend some time with your family, you will enjoy a lot and will feel fresh with your family.

Give some time for you: Do you have time for yourself? Yes, you should have. Manage your time and set few hours for fitness, reading newspaper, training, and development, walking in garden or cooking and for household things.

We have enough time to do so many things if we plan each and everything according to a time frame. Once we planned our daily activities, then we can add more activities by scheduling by importance and time management. So we have a lot of time to do everything in our lives. Yes, we can do and we have enough time for everything. So, now don’t say to anyone that “I don’t have time for this”, say yes I have, and I can plan according to this.

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Nice Posting Neha. Great work, Keep it up :)