Allow Employees To Hand Out Discretionary Rewards

Updated: Jan 09, 2019 UTC
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Rewards and recognition are the two things after which each employee runs! It may be a manager or an ordinary worker but efforts are all put in for recognition of the task and then getting a reward for the action. This is the foundation of employee engagement and human resource development.

Should the discretionary rewards be handed out by the managers only? Maybe not!  This makes us think about the time that is taken to recognize the action deserving recognition and reward and the time when the reward is actually handed out by the manager.

It is also seen that at times the memory of the managers is too short and they put aside the efforts put in by the employee for the time being. The employees need to have the power to hand out the discretionary rewards by recognizing the efforts put in by other employees.

The customers and manager can work in happy tandem if the employees are empowered to recognize and reward within the organization. This assures smooth working of the organization. Every company has a few strategic objectives and core values that the employees need to adhere to as they are the foundation of the organization. Each employee is expected to adhere to these policies laid down by the company. It is imperative that the employees demonstrate behavior that is associated with the company’s core values and these ideal behaviors need to be recognized and rewarded by the rest.

Each employee slogs out at work daily but somehow their efforts are not recognized or rewarded on time. Its months before they get the remuneration that they deserve. Heard about the annual bonus? What happens if an employee cracks a major deal in January? He waits till the end of the year to be rewarded for it. The exceptional efforts of the employees need instant recognition and this leads to employee motivation.

Another thing is that the manager is a very busy man and may not get to see good behavior of the employees every time. So go ahead and give all the employees the power of handing out discretionary rewards , this makes sure that there are a number of eyes assessing the employees at the same time and recognition is handed out to the most deserving person.

Empowering the employees to recognize behaviors and actions will hand them the power to assess whether their colleagues are in line with the core values and policies of the organization and the discretionary rewards will make the company  a priority for all.


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