Reward Employee Efforts With Long Service Awards

Updated: Jan 08, 2019 UTC
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What are the two things that employees expect from their employers after slogging hours for the organization? Ever since employee engagement, the hardworking employees expect a good salary package and a morale boost by the bosses regularly. Human resources management highlights that employees expect an appreciation of their efforts and in turn they handover the qualities of “loyalty and dedication” in exchange to their employer. All these factors contribute positively, towards employee motivation.

HR training and development includes recognizing the employees who have dedicated years of their loyal service to the company. They deserve some kind of recognition and the best way to do this is to hand them long service Awards. Now comes the important question, what reward should be given to the employees? What should be the value of the reward? How much time should an employee remain employed to be recognized as a long serving person?

HR professionals ask these questions from the employees when they are reviewed for long service appreciation. Generally, Human Resources planning include essential considerations that can make the professional understand details about the deserving candidate. The admirable candidates need to be thanked for their contribution to the organization and this will make sure that the employees help in enhancing productivity of the company.

Knowing the miracle touch of the long service awards, organizations still close their eyes to the efforts put in and the loyalty offered by the employees. Have you ever thought how much effect employee motivation can have on employee contribution? Organizations most of the time do not reward the employees timely. The employees are not given anything even after they have been reviewed for their efforts.

It’s the job of the HR professionals to review information on employees and hand over rewards in an educated manner to show their appreciation for the efforts they have chipped in for years. The rewards can be in the form of a gift program, mentioning employee’s efforts in the year book or the organization’s video, handing over promotions or monetary gains, or an annual dinner where the employees are honored by a celebrity in the presence of the other members of the organization. These rewards will make sure that the employee understands that they are being appreciated for their loyalty and commitment. Generally Long service awards are for people who have worked effortlessly for the organization for 10-40 years. Even a framed certificate highlighting the employee’s contribution is a great achievement for the employee.

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