Want Employee Retention In The Organization? Appreciate Employees Regularly

Updated: Apr 08, 2019 UTC
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Motivation and employee engagement are two important things on which the Human resources management depends on. What are the ways of keeping up employee motivation? Is it just a financial jump after employee engagement or is the motivation dependent on proper training and development for the employee?

The next question that pops up in the mind is what are the factors that promote job satisfaction in an employee? The most surprising thing is that financial rewards are noticed a little lower in the list and job satisfaction , employee engagement, employee motivation and employee development, to a large extent are dependent on the rapport the employee shares with his team mates.

Timely appreciation, team support, and being valued by the team members outrank monetary benefits the employee gets in an organization. An employee longs for a goal and a proper environment to follow up the task and this leads to employee retention in an organization.

The employers need to be transparent and have to give their employees a proper vision to focus on.

Have you ever noticed that after delegating authorities the employers never look back to check whether their instructions for the employees are being adhered to or not? The employer needs to personally check the employees for proper training, proper tools and support from the appointed supervisors.

The employers can hold training sessions; distribute news-letters, and memos. They should promptly answer FAQs and hold regular meetings about the vision of the organization. The employer needs to hold debates with the staff in the way of a questionnaire and make sure that by the end of the communication session the employees are clear on the vision and goals of the company.

Whenever the doors of communication are wide open, sky is the limit for the company’s progress. Communication helps in reducing the uncertainty and anxiety levels in the employees.

The employer should make sure that they engage all the employees in the decision making and planning process. Let the project be the baby of all the employees and make sure they are so involved that they fight for its success. Grab ideas from the employees, appreciate their inputs and see how their insight affects the productivity of the project.

Most important is that the employer should not wait for the annual party to announce an award or carry out periodic reviews. Don’t hold back the feedback for the appropriate time, this holds true for both negative and positive feedback. Negative feedback also opens the doors for improvement!

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