Your Mobile Phone - “The New External Human Organ"

Updated: Jan 23, 2019 UTC
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Mobile has become an essential part of our life. Nobody can survive without it. A school going kid needs a phone to study, and a businessman needs it to run his business. Initially, mobile was used to save time, but people are using it in a wrong sense. The presence of social media has added to wastage of time. Youths and teenagers spend ample of their time on social media doing nothing. If used in a better manner, phone and social media could be very useful. Some entrepreneurs carry on their business entirely on social media. It’s just the way you use it.

Mobile phone etiquettes:

1. Know the basic system of your phone: When you buy a new phone, make sure that you learn the system completely. Doing it afterward may cause problems. You may not be able to drop messages or make calls. It will waste your time.

2. Use it according to the situation: If you are on a date and you keep using your phone or taking calls, your date is going to run away. Some occasions are meant to enjoy without the phone. If the call is urgent, then pick it up and finish your conversation as soon as possible. Use a phone when you are alone or do not have any work.

3. Control of language and volume when you are in a public place: Phone is the most private thing we own and also exchange confidential conversations. Talking loudly will spill out your secrets and may hamper your image. Do not use abusive language in public places, especially, temples and parks.

4. Make sure you switch off your phone if it is said so: Places like petrol pump, libraries, and temples normally have a signboard that says you to switch off your phone. It is there for a reason. Do not disobey the rule and disturb other’s peace.

5. Make time for your real friends: Many people have forgotten that they have a life outside their phone. They will talk with their Facebook friends all day but won’t remove time for their actual friends. You should be able to differentiate between the virtual and the real world.

6. Do not give out personal details on the phone: There are many apps which ask you for your bank details and then rob your money. You should be aware of these frauds and make every step carefully. Do not send images that might cause a problem in the future. Always learn to limit information on the phone.

7. Spend an hour without your phone: Learn to enjoy the beauty of the real world. Make sure that you remove an hour at least to do things that give peace to your mind. For example, instead of playing FIFA; play football with your friends.

8. Don’t be a selfie freak: Many people are so addicted to taking selfies that they don’t even think about the place and people around them. For example, in a meeting, you shouldn’t use your phone to take a selfie. You need to have control over your addiction to selfies. Always remember about the place where you are and the people who’re surrounding you. Else they might consider you like a maniac.

9. Save important numbers: If you’re someone who forgets to save the number of important colleagues and business partners then you need to leave this habit. All the important numbers should always be saved on your phone so that whenever there is an emergency people are there to help you.


Mobile is a part of your life and not your whole life. Limit your use and save your time. If used correctly, mobile phones can be a boon to humans.

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