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Is it imperative to recognize the efforts of the employees? What are the factors that help in employee motivation and employee retention? Do you want contented, productive, and motivated employees? The best way is to recognize the efforts of the workers.

Employees who work in a stressful atmosphere are generally de-motivated and dissatisfied with their jobs. They end up giving a weak performance at their workplace because of a reduction in their creativity level. In the end, it’s the organization that suffers losses because of lesser revenue because of lower productivity and a fall in employee engagement.

When the workers quit an organization, the company again has to invest oodles of money, time, and effort in recruiting new employees and then administering proper training. The replacements then have to undergo a proper training and development program. So it’s important to understand that in Human resources management, Motivation and Employee Engagement is directly proportional to each other.

Workers who are constantly shrouded in an atmosphere of de-motivation are quick to pack up their bags and leave for better job opportunities. The best ways to keep the employees engaged and motivated is recognition and rewards. Recognizing the efforts of the employees, encouraging the efforts, and praising them for their worth, has the capability of increasing the satisfaction levels of the employees and then contributing indirectly to the productivity of the organization.

Rewards need not be of the very expensive variety rather they can be cost-effective. Add sales Objectives to the job profiles of the employees and then watch them perform.

Go ahead organize an interesting survey where the employees get a chance to comment on employee satisfaction. This will help the employers get an idea about the requirements of the job; they will understand the existing teamwork and get a peek into empowerment. After the surveys are thoroughly analyzed the experts can prepare a program that will clearly mark the weaknesses and strengths of a company.

Communication needs to be open at all levels in an organization and this will help to increase the unity in the company. The goals and vision of the company can be reviewed easily in a non-formal atmosphere of company like a dinner or event. This makes sure that all the high-level and low-level employees interact together.

Hand out recognition awards to long-term employees who deserve them and this should be done at an annual Recognition event and then add in an increment for good measure.


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