Policies for Pharma Industry

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Dear All,


Please help me what are the policy and procedures should be made by hr in an organization ( except leave policy and business travel policy )

Hi Jyoti, You can search here all the policies and procedures. There are numbers of documents and SOP mentioned in this network. search by policy and and get it download for your further references.


Mar 04, 2018 03:05 AM

hi vikas.. thanks for your reply.. can u please share the format of the same..


Jan 15, 2015 00:59 AM

Hi, there are so many HR Policies. Like. 1. Recruitment Policy. 2. Hiring Policy. 3. Induction Policy. 4. On Boarding Policy. 5 Employment Policy. 6. Performance. 7.Leaves. 8. IT Policy. 9 Separation Policy


Jan 13, 2015 23:54 PM