Developing Leadership Skills - Few Tips

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Every second person of the globe fantasize to be leader in their respective work, be it business or job. Every day we think and struggle how to evolve leadership skills to become a perfect leader. We all have to accept that learning to be a leader is never ending process, it cannot be a destination which can be accomplished. One day you can feel that you have reached your destination but very next day you will have the feeling, why you ever chose to lead the things.

Trust this, being a leader means keeping your commitments, lot of hard work, ample number of sacrifices and most important is zeal to grow yourself every day. I admire those leaders who bounce themselves genuinely and focus on the personal development and company’s development. Both these developments are interlinked and equally important, one without other does not hold any meaning.

Tips to evolve your Leadership Skills

I have observed many great leaders and found that there are some common skills among them.

Twenty Things Exceptional Leaders Do Constantly:

1)Reading. They never miss an opportunity to read about current affairs and industry trends globally.

2)Attend seminars/conferences/workshops. They always attend business seminars, conferences and workshops as they are focused towards learning.

3)Join associations. Leaders understand that being a part of professional associations is important to stay update, so they always stay in touch with couple of professional associations where they share their experiences and learn best practices from other professionals.

4)Take time off. They work passionately but when they need time off, they make it priority and come back full enthu.

5)Create Network. Exceptional leaders never leave a space in creating network, they are actually master in that.

6)Self-Believe. Excellent leaders always believe in themselves and their capabilities.

7)Look at the bigger picture. Brilliant leaders have a unique far-sighted vision and they can see the big picture. They even support others to hold their vision.

8)Goal-oriented. Great leaders always set up goals for them and remain focused to achieve their goals by overcoming all the hurdles on way.

9) Mentor. Great leaders are great mentors, they keep on developing people around them. They never mind in taking feedback from others, also keep on giving feedbacks without molding the facts.

10)Work with honesty.  Excellent leaders are always honest, transparent and hard working. They always carry out business dealings with integrity.

11)Coach others. Great leaders keep coaching other and become part of developing and challenges others.

12)Care about others. Great leaders sincerely care about their folks. They take out time for their people and listen them, resolve their concerns, help them to develop their inner potential.

13)Discipline themselves. Great leader always set example for others and this can be achieved only when they keep themselves disciplined. This is one the quality which drive them to accomplish their tasks successfully.

14)Have fun in work. Great leaders love what they do and always perform it with fun not under pressure. People always want to be around such leaders who know how to chill out and get the job done.

15)Willing to sacrifice. No one can be a great leader without sacrificing in their life. Leadership in itself is a sacrifice. Excellent leaders are always willing to sacrifice for their team in every situation.

16)Speak confidently. Great leaders never hesitate in speaking their mind, they are always bold in that and do it with great respect for others without hurting them.

17)Willing to get their hands dirty. True leaders are able to put aside their position and do what is required to be done in need of that hour – even if it’s does not suit to their position. But they never mind in doing that.

18)Act humbly. Great leaders do not flaunt their status and power. They always stay humble and have a commitment to assist others.

19)Think often. Great leadership requires great thinking and planning. They plan time to think and to process information before making any major decisions.

20)Are awesome! Exceptional leaders are awesome and approachable - they are dynamic, stay focused and people feel better when they are around them.

We all could be excellent leader. Go through the list and see which skill is missing in you – work on that and climb the ladder of Great Leader.

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