"Testing Programmers Is Now A Breeze For Hrs & Recruiters"

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"Codeassess.com - A venture of ExpertRating Solutions, a leader in Online Skill Assessments since 2001

.Codeassess.com is an industry leading assessment tool for programmers and coders alike. This tool helps corporations consider the right choice of programmers without going through a tedious round of interviews by just looking at their resumes. With Code Assess, HRs and Project managers can be sure to only hire programmers with the required coding skills, saving them the endless effort of training the new recruit or worse, ending up hiring a bad coder.Codeassess allows project managers or HR to easily administer coding tests from a pool of hundreds of curated problems in around 20 coding languages. Either they can create their own test or choose an existing, pre-configured test on CodeAssess , where candidates have to write code and solve problems in real time. The Codeassess engine then analyses the code on the basis of various parameters eventually replacing the need for preliminary interviews with a hands-on assessment approach.Among the several offerings of Codeassess, quick assessment and comprehensive reporting immediately after the test is completed aids recruiters to make a calculated decision based on the coder’s actual working skills taking guesswork completely out of the equation."

As a Launching offer, we are inviting all the Human Resource Managers, Project Managers, CTO`s , CEO`s  a free registration process while enabling  5 Test Tickets for sampling. Kindly visit CodeAssess.com and get yourself registered.

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