Are You The Leader Or Just The Boss?

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Are you the leader or just the boss? The leader of a symphony orchestra knows how to play every instrument. He also knows how those instruments blend together to create a symphonic sound. The leader of a choir knows every note that everybody has to sing, and knows how the voices and notes blend together to make harmony. They're actually called "conductors," but you know what I mean.

When you can take both of these leadership elements and put them together, you have symphonic harmony. You have a team that knows their individual talents, knows their individual notes, knows their lyrics, knows how to play and how to sing (and knows the timing of when to do both) – to create team harmony. And IF the leader is prepared, in control, and respected, the results can be spectacular.

If you’re the leader of these people and these elements, it is imperative that you know how each player must perform, or you will fail. Same in sales. All sales leaders and bosses want their people to be a team. All salespeople resist it, because they just want to sell – but they often need other team member (accounting, production, shipping, service) to make it happen.


Everyone must know his or her own skill and know it perfectly. Until they know themselves, they can't play well or sing well with others.


Leaders must be able to extract the excellence of their people's performance and combine it with the excellence of their own performance. Often salespeople don't live up to their potential and don't do their best, or they make mistakes along the way. This is where leadership can make it happen, or break it down and continue with less than stellar performance.


If you're a real leader, you can't blame the players for poor performance. You have to be the teacher, the conductor, the coach, and the encourager. On the eve of a symphony performance, thousands of people pay to watch the orchestra AND the conductor performs. At the end there is usually thunderous applause, cheers of BRAVO!, flowers given out all over the place, and, at the urging of the conductor, members of the orchestra stand one or two at a time to bow and receive individual applause.

You, as the spectator (the customer), paid for and saw a one---hour performance. But the outcome was not determined by their performance that evening. The outcome was determined long ago when they were practicing. If they didn't practice, their performance would not have been acceptable.

Same with you. And the key is the message I'm trying to transfer. Leaders and orchestra members PRACTICED TOGETHER. It's the same in sales. You can't just be the boss or the manager. You also have to be the leader by example, and the coach who knows the game.

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Uma Gupta
Uma Gupta Aug 05, 2015 UTC
very nice sir... thx

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