Ultimate Destiny Of Our Life

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What is ultimate destiny of our life, I never thought yet, every day I get up early in the morning and I start my day journey with a smile. The whole day I keep myself busy in various things. Always seems so much busy that I dint find much time for myself and family.  My friends always do plan for get-together, but most of the time I do excuse for the same.

 Few days back I went my native place, where unfortunately I met with an accident, this was road accident and I got hairline fracture on my foot, I was totally unable to stand that time, my doctor checked all the things and advised for one month complete bed rest and he put the plaster on my foot.  I don’t know why this happened with me, but learned many things in these 30 days. The whole day I was on complete bed rest; I cannot move and walk. I totally get bored, not able to do anything; I get realized that someone has pressed pause button of my life.

I realized that God has taught me a valuable life lesson, “Importance of everything”.  Earlier I always kept myself busy with unnecessary things. I never gave the time for my family and friends, which is most important part of social and family life.  Why am I doing job, and keeps myself busy with various things, earning money is not ultimate destiny of life.  The life’s destiny is something else.  That day I promised with myself that will live my life with full responsibility, care love and honesty.

Now a days I have much time to do many things, always have time for my family and friends. Everyone is now happy with me. I always do office work with great energy and responsibility. I love all the things what I do in a day or night.  Now I feel that every task, every movements of my life is real destiny of my life, I love to enjoy this destiny.  

Money is not everything. Family,Health and friends are very important,rather than job.

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