Does Quotes About Life Possess The Power To Change Someone’S Life

Posted by - Sunder Singh

Charm of life lies hidden in the magical art of living a life, goes a famous life quote. Though life of Y2k has moved on to disks and entertainment hubs for a break through, but has it put an end to the everlasting powers of the Quotes about life? The bells of life are going on ringing and surprisingly every deaf ear has to be turned to them, saying , yes this is the right spirit to live and to be lived!


Whether in dawn of life or in the dusk, the life boat needs a rudder to guide direction in the stormy sea. Inspirations and motivations being the two wheels of life, if not provided time to time can cause the life machinery to droop. Quotes about life are the oilers that keep the life machinery active.  

 Truly quotes about life have changing powers of thought and action that can change and transform an individual from a grass level of existence to a superior one. The vital question of life is regarding the reason of one’s existence. But stunningly such a tough internal query, turning a layman to philosopher, can so easily be answered by uttering simple quotes of life, suggesting the real value of the wonders of life.

Courage lying hidden in the inner soft core of mind; can be so easily transformed into strength and dare with the magic touch of the motivational quotes. Suddenly from a mass of clay a real soldier can be born. These powerful words bearing a true wisdom can make a whole civilization to collapse or to drive forward.


Sayings and quotes can itself become a motivation as these are motivating, inspiring having immense power to remove oppression, fear and to induce new thought and courage. Having the capacity of breaking down the rocks of prejudices, customs and beliefs, they are capable of evoking wisdom in our life.

 “A change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things.”

By Barack Obama

Show the transition of a man against the fluent opposition, being elected as US President for the second time overcoming all obstacles with a real potential for growth.

Gained inspiration from quotes of life arouse the rocky determination, will power, strength of mind to direct the stream of life towards a positivity, thus not gathering pebbles on the sand only, but diving in the deep ocean, to bring out the pearls o f achievement and success.

“There is more to life”

Is a famous quote that rightly sets for Yuvraaj Singh. After his survival from the devastating disease cancer, he came back to play for Indian Cricket Team with his fighting spirit and to live the rest of his life.

Everyday life lessons teach so many things to us. Life itself is treasure book of motivations, who can know are lucky while others lag behind. In quiet moments when heart’s silent voice can be heard, if quotes of life are uttered, that would lead you to an experience of greater happiness and vitality in way of living the life.