You Need To Change Your Hiring Process

Added: Nov 04, 2016 UTC
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Hello, have you noticed?   Have you changed your hiring process? What has changed? Just about everything. Organizations have become more automated in the hiring process. There are Applicant Tracking Systems, methods to discard potential candidates without a human being even scanning the resume and much more.  

76% of companies with more than 100 employees are using assessments in one form or another to determine hard skills and soft skills, behavioral interviews, and much, much more.   All of this in an attempt to hire a candidate with the hard and soft skills to be a superior performer in that job with that company.

With all of these changes, companies are still hiring disengaged employees at an alarming rate. This means that they are still hiring employees who will cost the organization in lost productivity, lost morale and lost profits.

Why is this still occurring? I think it revolves around 3 main issues. There are others like putting the human being back into human resources but that is a topic for another day.

The 3 main issues are; 1) The job description. As a recruiter I see job descriptions every day. Most reflect very little about job accountabilities. They include something about what expertise the candidate needs to have, the benefits and some overall things about the job that are similar to other jobs within the company. It is not until the very end of a 2 plus page document that you may see a particular or 2 about the actual job accountability.  Sometimes this is left out totally.

This means that many of the candidates who apply for the job do not meet the basic criteria to be able to do the job from a hard skills point of view.

2) Lack of a Job Benchmark. Most companies do not take the time to develop a job benchmark which will tell the reader what hard skills and what soft skills are needed to be a superior performer for that particular job in that particular company. Other tasks are bench marked within a company to measure against, why not include benchmarking the job?

3) An On Boarding Process. The On Boarding process should be more than filling out forms for the IRS and then showing the person a work station. It should be a program of mentoring, follow up “stay interviews”, employee development and training that could last as long as a year or more.

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