Employee Engagement Is Not Just A State Of Mind

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Appreciation boosts the moral of any employee. It’s important that we always and timely recognize the “realness” of employee engagement. This is not just a state of mind, a fuzzy feeling or emotional blanket that keeps employees warm or cool winter months.  

In certain ways employee engagement grows are through the prioritization of reward recognition, planning, communication and contribution. These four initiatives bring the topic to the surface and ultimately drive positive results.

Reward & Recognition: When a manager or leader recognizes an employee performance as a targeted objective, it is often fostered through reward and recognition.

Everyone wants to be recognized in the company when they achieve the target and done very well, they want to be appreciated and yes good leader always do that and motivate them among others by rewarding & appreciating. This recognition program included increased engagement and happiness and went a long way to improve employee relationships and encourage a culture of humanity in the workplace. One can apply here “Maslow theory”, If any company wants to grow in good manner, there should be always employee engagement programs in the form of various reward and recognition after achieving the target by employees.

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