We Are Holding A Contest To Name Our Conference Rooms 'NAME ME THE BEST'

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Dear Seniors,
We are holding a contest to name our conference rooms 'NAME ME THE BEST' 
Hence, it is important to keep in mind while giving your entries that you should name our meeting spaces in a way that would reflect our values, workplace, and culture. 
Our Values are “Talent, Ownership, Urgency, Amazing & Customer Delight.”
Please describe the theme of your names, why the names are relevant for us and why we should pick them!    
Please help me to name with your advice

This initiative is a great opportunity to bring together the creativity, innovativeness and big ideas to a single platform wherein we all will be thinking together to step towards the next levels of Envision and growth  with the freshness of our values, goals and missions.


“Paint the canvas with your creativity”

Please help me to name with your advice on natraj.bm@spectranet.in



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I have one name "Manmanthan" is best as per me.