How Can Social Media Help Your Candidate Search

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Social media is playing a major role in the recruitment process.  Promoting your job openings by posting ads on social media networks is a cost-effective way to engage with a good amount of job seekers. Numerous people use social networking sites for career research and job search. Many recruiters believe that social media is the smart way to find the best candidates. Below I have mentioned how different social media networking sites can help you to search for candidates for your organization.


Facebook has 1.65 billion users worldwide which makes it the most popular social media site, it can help you to search for candidates. The most effective way to search for candidates is by creating a custom tab on your Facebook page for job openings. Convert your career page from your company website into a Facebook tab to make the applicants click on the tab and land them on your website where sufficient information will be given before applying for a job. This is the most effective way to increase the number of candidates for your job postings.


LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site with over 90 million members worldwide. Managers choose LinkedIn as their top social media site for sourcing candidates. While candidates had also reported LinkedIn as the best social media network for job hunting. Having a premium account on LinkedIn will allow you to use advanced search filters to find the right candidates. It also enables you to create job listings in the targeted region. Adding the job listings on your LinkedIn company page will let many job seekers find job opening opportunities which you are providing.


There are 310 million active users of Twitter worldwide, if you tweet about your job openings on Twitter it will create a big exposure. A Twitter user can retweet your post in order to help their friends who are looking out for the job. To find the job listing, many applicants type their desired job title in the Twitter search engine. Using hashtags like #jobs, #jobseeker or #hiring will help the applicants to easily find your job post listings. These things make Twitter one of the best candidate search tools in social media networking sites.


Creating a video and marketing it on YouTube about why would people want to work in your company can attract a lot of job seeker’s attention. YouTube is not just for watching funny videos or new trailers, it is the second largest search engine and a great way to create exposure to your job postings. A video providing a description of the particular job on YouTube can help the job-seekers to brush up on their knowledge and come well prepared for the interview. It can be shared several times and it will increase the number of relevant candidates for your job openings.


Instead of paying attention to the number of users of Google+ you should consider the average profile of the people which you can get easily. Unlike other social networking sites google+ enables you to locate the people with the right qualifications, education, and experience which is required for your job openings. As you think of google you immediately associate with the largest search engine, simple reason to start using google+ as a recruiting tool is that all the important aspects are integrated into google’s social platform. These factors make google+ the best way to search for relevant candidates for your  Job Openings.


Pinterest is a great way to get your company’s job posting out for everyone to see. This site is a great way to make the applicant visualize themselves working with your company. Make a pinboard that explains the opportunity of the job post in your organization. Use photos of the company, workers, and other innovative ideas to get the word out, these pictures will gain the attention of the candidates easily.

I hope the above information has helped you to decide whether social media networking sites are a great option to hire new candidates in your company.

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Shreepad Akut
Shreepad Akut Dec 17, 2016 UTC
Good Information
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Sanjay Kumar Dec 02, 2016 UTC
Great Information Ms Neetu. All the Best.

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