How HR professionals can use Technology more effectively

Updated: Jan 11, 2019 UTC
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The success of any business gets a great share from the effective use of technology. Technology helps production, marketing strategies, sales processes to run smoothly. It helps employees to plan their day ahead more efficiently and remain informed about the various notifications, strategies, and decisions taken and shared. In the HR world, it holds true as well, where building teams that are capable of contributing to the business success are the most evitable.

You can make the best use of technology in the field of Human resources in the ways discussed here.

Stay connected to the Network: When you are in human resource department, it is always best to keep yourself updated and connected to various professional and social networking sites. These ways, you can easily access the profiles of candidates and the personal character of your next perspective hire. Technology helps you to quickly find out most about them and get them on board.

Testing aptitude and attitude: Technology always helps the HR professionals in measuring the aptitude level and attitude of the potential hires. We can use the personality assessments to know more about the candidates and decide accordingly wherein the company or department or teams we can place them to get most effective output. Technology is getting advanced and there are tests available in the market that give you quantitative rather than the subjective results helping you decide on the candidate better.

Tracking the Productivity: Technology can help the organizations tracking the productivity on the basis of new projects, the new member added to the team, or after any other change happened in the process. The reports can give you an idea where the team is lacking and what factor is affecting the most to the productivity. This helps in taking desired decisions in order to eliminate the factors decreasing the output and promoting or nurturing the elements increasing the team productivity.

Competency and Personality measurement: Being technology improving every other day, HR professionals are getting benefitted by measuring the change in the team effectiveness after addition or removal of a particular employee with certain competencies. This can help an HR professional creating a knowledge database where you can be assured what personality traits to hire the next time for the same team and what to avoid.

All can be linked to the Budget: We know how important is HR budget for HR team, especially proving the worth of all the costs incurred. Technology can definitely help linking team costs including the manpower salaries, the other expenditure and further link the same to the output of the teams. In this way, you can know which team or particular employees are pulling their weights, what talent is boosting productivity and plan accordingly. HR can also decide whether rearranging the company resources will be monetarily worthwhile.

So, technology has got the ability to tie everything in the system directly to the productivity of the workforce in the organization helping us to make the changes accordingly to increase the company’s profitability.

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