A good Recruiter must be a great Observer

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Once you sit in an interview room with the candidate and start asking your questions, you know at the back of your mind what traits are you looking at. No matter if the replies you are getting are correct or not (in case of non-technical questions), all that matter is whether the candidate is able to fit into your company culture or not. A recruiter doesn’t only listen to the answers of the potential candidate, he observes a number of things to decide if the candidate suits the required profile or not. Here, are some traits that recruiters must have to observe and select the best candidate.

A Good Listener: A recruiter should always keep their questions short and clear. They should give most of the time to the candidate to speak and the recruiter should only listen. Observe closely to the sentences a candidate is framing. You can make out of the way of speaking if the person is an active or passive thinker. You can clearly define their process of thinking from the way of their speaking.

Know your must-haves: Before sitting for an interview with the candidate, a recruiter needs to clear in his mind what traits the candidate must have. It is a totally different thing what extra competencies you get, however, the main focus should be on the must-haves. A candidate might be a great rock star; however, a developer needs not to be the one. So, observe keenly and closely if the candidate is fulfilling all your requirements or not.

Take a clear observation of time constraints: An interviewer and an interview have a different set of time frames when they want to get them joined and when a candidate can actually join. To complete the recruitment process, TAT (turn-around time) matters a lot. Be clear and strict over the time duration that you can give the candidate you join. You can have your preference on the basis of the same as well.

Be a Support: A recruiter is fortunate enough to meet thousands of the job seekers. We know how hard a candidate tries to crack the job interview. We observe very closely to know most of the tricks that work and also that never work. Make sure you keep everything noted somewhere or in your mind and make some efforts to share your experiences. It can be in the form of training, articles, or blogs. It will be a form of motivation and support for the job seekers who try hard to get through any job opening.

Know the market Trend: Market trends keep changing with time and requirement. A recruiter should always keep observing the market trends as in what kind of competitions are there in the market for the business, what traits are important to achieve the business goals. Moreover, you should also keep observing the process of recruitment and the source of potential candidates other recruiters go through. All this ultimately help the recruiter to get the best candidate into the system as per the current norms.

Keep an eye to detail: A recruiter should have the basic quality of having an eye to detail. You should be capable of reading and observe each and every detail you have in front of you. I remember, my last reporting manager could even tell me that I have not entered a full stop at the end of the last sentence, by just giving a glance at the paper. That should be the level of your observation in reading a person as well as any document in front of you.

Overall, it is known that the success of any organization depends on the man force and only a good recruiter can give best of the employees to the company. So, it becomes our responsibility that we hire the gems who have the zeal to prove themselves, learn new things, and have a positive attitude towards life.

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