Avoid making these mistakes while conducting Interviews

Updated: Dec 21, 2018 UTC
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A recruiting manager is always liable to hire best candidates in the market that can suit the company’s requirements. The future of any organization depends on the quality of employees it has and the performance they are able to deliver. So, it becomes a great responsibility for a recruiter to make sure that they ask the right questions to know better about a candidate who is appearing for the interview.

We come across a lot of articles giving an insight into the probable questions to ask and the best way to conduct successful interviews. However, it is equally important to talk about the mistakes that we may make during the process that is easy to avoid if at all we know them. So, here we are sharing a list of mistakes that are most commonly made by the hiring managers that we need to know.

Being Less- prepared:  I heard few of my friends who are taking care of the hiring of some good companies saying that the candidate was asking so many questions about the profile that I had to go back to check the job description again. I believe it was a clear case of taking interview without any preparation. Conducting interviews is not that easy that you go unprepared without a structure ready in your mind. You should know each and every detail about the profile, competencies required, and social skills required for the given job opening.

Keep the distractions away. When a candidate turns up for an interview, he/ she is already nervous and hearing your phone ringing continuously can make them more nervous. If once a candidate loses his flow of answering, he will get nervous and may not be able to answer again properly. So, it becomes the duty of an HR to select a place with minimum distractions for themselves as well as the candidates.

First Interview Question. Most of the interviews start with the question, “Tell me something about yourself.” Though it is a good question to get detailed information about the candidate, structuring it well with the required details only may sound better. It helps in saving some of the recruiter’s time and the candidate’s energy.

Questions only related to profile. I know that we need to know if the candidate has required knowledge about the profile we are hiring for. However, it is equally important to know if the candidate has required potential and competency as required or not. For example, if you think the profile requires handling multiple tasks at a point, you should consider few questions about multi-tasking as well.

Good questions and best questions. The recruiter should always consider new as well as old questions as per the requirement. If you have often found yourself in the situation that the interview is reaching a stagnant point, it’s high time you structure your interview well. You should have enough knowledge and hence questions to ask.

Friendly discussion. A candidate should never get an idea how they performed in an interview and whether you are going to close it on him or not. A recruiter should have balance discussion with a candidate that is friendly as well as professional without revealing much about your views about the answers you just got.

Close-ended question. The main aim of taking any interview is to get the candidate do the speaking part. So, always draft your questions in a way that you just sit and listen to them as much as you can. It is always advisable to ask the open-ended questions rather than asking a closed question.

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Now, when you take your next interview, take a note of your behaviours and try not committing any of these mistakes. If you find that you do these mistakes—it’s okay. Just be sure that the next time onwards, you alter your behaviours. The eventual goal of an interview is to engage in an exact and fair procedure. By avoiding these errors, you can meet these goals and make better assessments of job candidates.

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