How HR can deal with rude employees?

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Rude employees can be a serious problem in the workplace environment. It can bring down the morale of other employees and leads to productivity loss. Rude behaviour doesn’t only affect work culture but can also lead to a level of losing a client. Human resources personnel might not behave like a cop at the workplace, but rude employee behaviour makes it really essential to be one. Rightly said one bad fish spoils the pond. Similarly, one bad employee can poison the complete environment. If one notices an employee speaking rudely to clients or other employees, quick appropriate action should be taken, until it becomes a habit.

Deal with the person one on one informally: Problems should always be dealt personally with the specific person and not publicly. The person should be asked about the problems he is facing at work and what is that that is troubling him and he is venting out in this manner.

Root out unexpressed Problem: When the immediate manager tries digging deep into the subordinate behaviour somewhere down the line he will get the problem signals.That is where the manager has to work upon.

Step up the Pressure: After dealing with the problem informally if you feel that the dust is not settling down, some sort of disciplinary action should be taken. A proper formal letter should be given to the person asking him to take proper measures else he would be penalised.

Complaints from other staff should be taken seriously: If we get a whistleblower from somewhere that should be really taken seriously and should be thought upon in a proper manner. It is sometimes that unexpectedly you get to figure out such people.

Explain the Consequences: For some people, the consequences can make to be a real difference. Denying the promised promotion or increment to the specific person can help improve the situation to fall into place.

Separate the member from other staff: Even if we cannot get rid of bad rotten apple we can at least make it isolate so that the bad smell doesn’t spread and spoil the entire lot. We can rearrange desks, projects, organisation structure to deal with the problem.

Engage with them: Sometimes providing direct feedback to their inline managers can also help them improve. Like for example, you can give them direct feedback about how they handled X client and what was the client feedback on his behavior as well as his direct reporting feedback.

Rude behavior always has a reason behind it. It can also be a response to stress, frustration or some sort of unhappiness taking the work profile. Don't ignore it, neither removing the employee should always be a solution. Listening can make it much better. Workaround it, be positive, and always try to dig deeper into a problem. Seeking extra help from other colleagues might not be a bad choice as well. It is not that rude behavior will always be a poor performer. They might be the employees who meet their timelines and exceed employers and client expectations always. Just dealing with a little sensitiveness and identifying some issues might help an organisation retain a good employee who was a little frustrated due to trivial issues. Sometimes we just don’t realise the positive effects of meeting a few employee grievances on other staff. Employees start feeling good about their workplace. Saving one bad employee can really help leaving a good example of other staff members as well.

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