How to Appreciate your Employees Productively

Updated: Dec 21, 2018 UTC
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Employee recognition and appreciation used to be considered as ‘nice to have’ activity in the corporate life. However, in today’s time, it is ‘need to have’ activity for any successful organization. Most of the companies have their policies in place in terms of recognizing the employees at the workplace. These can vary from an employee of the month to gift cards or any other as per the policies set. However, the concept of an employee of the month is getting old and a kind of boring too. No doubt, employees try their best to get their photo on the board every month that shows best employees, but that craze remains for a shorter time period. 

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An HR professional should always come up with new and innovative ideas to reward, appreciate, and recognize the employees who are working hard for your organization. Though every company is different from each other and the reward program that works for one may not be suitable for another one. However, the recognition programs should always be comprehensive in nature and feedback sessions should be there on regular basis.

Here, we are giving some ideas to get your reward and recognition program in place or update the same as per your company’s specific needs.

Peer- to Peer Recognition: It is not always important that recognition comes from the top; rather it can be at the level of peer group too. I prefer this way of recognizing where a team member or team leader recognize the efforts of their co-worker. This can be in the form of special emails, posters in their work area, names written in big letters, formal emails or anything else that they can think of.

Highlight them in your Social Handles: Most of the companies have dedicated person or teams to handle their social networking sites. Take an advantage of these social platforms to give them recognition, highlight their achievements and works, and also tag them so that they can share the same on their personal profiles to let their friends and family know about it.

Celebrate their Special Days: Every employee deserves a celebration on his birthday and anniversary (if married). Take a step forward to order some cake and a gift, if a company can afford along with a pre-approved half day leave. Let them feel special and realize that their happiness is equally important for the company.

Mobile Trophy: Get a trophy that may look funny, special, or different that you can hand over to an employee who does something extraordinary and let them keep it on their desk for a week. Another step can be added by letting the same person hand over the trophy to the person he/ she thinks did something great to achieve the company’s goals. 

Everyone loves Food: As far as I know, food is always welcome for everyone. Make some arrangements for the team who has achieved the targets in the given timelines or before the deadlines. You can go for distributing coupons of a restaurant, couple bookings for dinner, or lunch arrangements in office for the team. 

Career Opportunities: And finally the most important part is the career development of any employee. If the organization feels that the employee is doing hard work and also is able to achieve the given targets and can be promoted to next level or even you can think of adding some additional responsibilities with the same designation and a little hike on the salary.

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