The Gossip - The Relationship Killer Grenade

Updated: Jan 23, 2019 UTC
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We have all gone through times when people talk things about you which even you don’t know. You are completely oblivious to the conversation. Or sometimes you are judged for something that you haven’t even done. Everything is a result of gossip. Gossip tends to ruin the reputation of an individual and also makes you believe the things that are not true. Before reacting to any gossip, you should ask yourself if the conversation is of any use to you. If the answer is no, then let that rumour go. Gossips affect personal as well as personal relationships and can create a negative opinion about you.

How gossip affects an individual’s life:

The first thing that is affected by gossip is the individual’s trust. You should know that people who are jealous of you will spread a rumour about you. This makes them feel better about themselves. If your relationship does not have enough trust, it could easily break off because of a rumour. But if you trust your partner, you’ll be able to fight the gossip. You should first confirm the gossip before taking any further steps. You should not react in the heat of the moment. There will be people who envy your relationship and will try to break it. You must hold on to your partner when things go wrong.

Can ruin your reputation

Reputation is the most important thing when it comes to anyone’s life. Gossip tends to destroy your name that you have spent years building. Before spreading any rumour, you should first think that what would happen if someone told the same thing about you. You should not create gossip no matter what. It affects the individual’s whole life and might get him into trouble. Gossip is not going to make you any better. If someone comes to know that you have created a false rumour, your reputation will also be at stake.

It might lower down the morale of the individual

Gossip lowers down the morale of the affected person. He/ She might not want to talk to somebody for days. The individual’s relationship gets affected, and other problems may arise because of a single rumour. Even in the workplace, his/her life would be miserable. Nobody would want to work with them, and they might feel upset all the time. It is not even their fault, and they have to bear its consequences. It is not at all fair on their part. If the rumour is very serious and depressing, he/she might not be able to forget it easily, and this will create more complications in their life.


No sensible person would ever want to drag someone down. If they are better than you, work hard and beat them. Creating as well as spreading rumours is a waste of time. It is not going to increase your reputation or make you popular. It only says how insecure and weak you are. Various other things require your time. Do not be a fool and fall in the trap of rumours.

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