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When we are handling HR department, our learning process always continues. With the change in technology, processes, employee expectations, and trends, we learn new things every day and we make new changes every time. With the year 2017 gone, there were a lot of changes we witnessed where we changed the working style and employee retention strategies. In the year 2018, we are looking forward to seeing more of the inventions and changes for the betterment of the department that will further affect the organization’s performance. Some of the expected trends in HR for the year 2018 are discussed here, so have a look once.

Analysis of People Performance: Unlike the earlier trend of focusing only on analyzing the project reports and turnover numbers, the recent trend includes the focus on people analysis as well. The companies are using the analytic tools to determine and measure the performance of the individuals working on the projects as well as the whole team’s performance. We can measure how a team and each member of the team are performing on the given tasks. So, People Analytics is one of the recent trends to witness in the years to come.

Inactive Candidates: When we do hiring and use any job portal, the results shown are mostly of the candidates who are actively looking out for a job change. However, there is a bigger pool of talent who is there in the market doing great work but not actively looking for the new opportunities. So, here comes the role of HR who is using unconventional sources of hiring including social Media, hashtags, online forums, and LinkedIn Updates. Keeping an eye on the candidate’s social media profile helps the recruiter to know more about the person and hence match the competencies required for the open positions.

Focus on Employee Experience: Gone are the days when taking on picnics or conducting surveys were the source of knowing the employee satisfaction level. Now, the employees need to have more experiences that are driven by Millennials most of the times. The organization will need to focus not only on the engagement of employees but also they need to focus on the culture and performance.

Go Digital: With the recent developments in technology that are used by the HR professionals, we are rushing towards going digital. Companies are opting more of technology to give their employees a better experience of working culture. HR professionals are continuously looking for the options of digital resolutions to help resolve the problems with engagement, work culture, learning, rewards and recognition.

Remote Workforce: It is getting popular to work remotely from various locations. So, letting the employees work from the location of their own comfort increase the level of job satisfaction and managing the good work-life balance. With the increase in using VPN technology in most of the organizations, it becomes easy to easy for the employees to work from their home or the client side if gone for a meeting. The systems also have got the option of punch in and punch out from the location they are working other than the office.

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I am sure there must be a long list of HR trends that other HR professionals are witnessing currently. We would love to hear more and add on to the list here. So, encouraging everyone out here reading the article to come up with their inputs and share the HR trends in and around your organizations. 

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