How to handle Employee Attrition

Updated: Jan 05, 2019 UTC
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One of the major problems every organisation faces is the employee attrition. No matter how good the company culture is or how much appreciation an employee gets in his tenure when an employee has to go, he has to go. A high rate of attrition or manpower turnover in a company means more of recruiting, time consumption and increased cost. Proper ideas, planning and strategies are required for controlling the growing attrition rate in a company. Some of the retention tools that the companies can follow are as follows.

Paying attention to an employee since the day of joining

Effective onboarding program should be there to make the employee feel good about joining the new organisation. Proper checklist and expectation should be set from the very first day to let an employee know where he has joined and what is expected out of him.

Offer equitable salary in aligned to the market standards

Employees will not stay back in an organisation knowing that they can be offered or deserve a better salary for the same role and designation in another organisation. For make employees stay in your organisation. Make proper surveys and figure out the market standards for your vertical and role you are offering.

Employee Satisfaction surveys should be conducted

Until and unless we ask people what they want or what is going wrong we will not be able to figure out problems at first level. Conducting surveys and asking people about their issues and what is troubling them is very important to figure out the loopholes in the system. Through conducting surveys we get a few Early Warning signals and in this manner, we can help retain any employee planning to leave the organisation soon.

Soft and interpersonal skill training-

People should be provided proper training in terms of helping people understand what is good and what is bad.Proper feedback from the managers and not taking every feedback on face values can help people understand the difference between good and the bad manager.How to talk to other people and not behaving rudely with others can also create a hostile environment and make a workplace better.

Fun at Work

Only work makes Jack a boring boy. A lot of fun-filled activities and employee engagement should also be included along with work so that people do not get bored with daily routine and then try to look out for some change in work environment.

Conduct Exit Interviews

Exit interviews are the best tool to get realistic and unbiased feedback from an employee.When an employee leaves the organisation he will give you the correct feedback about the loopholes in the organisation.This is where we can pick up the flaw areas and work upon it to help other people to stay back in the organisation.

To conclude if the employee feels valued and feels that he is been heard the organisation, it will be very difficult for him to leave the organisation and look out for another job.With few measures, we can definitely not stop the people from going but can reduce employee attrition to some extent.

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