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The key to success for any organisation is happy and motivated employees. Managers and Leaders can really have a tough time leading a team if they do not have motivated people with them. The following are a few measures that can be taken to increase employee engagement and make them feel good about their workplace and make them happy.

1. Better CommunicationCommunication is something which is often been taken for granted and overlooked. Face to face communication with an employee and understanding his problems and appreciating his good work can really make a difference. Making an employee feel that he is been valued in the organisation can really keep employees motivated and going.

2.  Radiate PositivityIf being an HR you can spread excitement about the company’s goals it can really make an employee have a positive mindset. Managers always need to be in the moment and high energy all the time. Energy and good moods are infectious, especially when we talk about the workplace.

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3. Empowering the EmployeesEmployees should be given little authority to handle clients to some extent without taking any approvals. Having their own say and implementing their ideas in work help people perform better. Regular poking and taking reviews will not really make an employee perform better.

4. TransparencySharing the changes and development in the organisation and keeping them engaged is a really good way helping people feel important in the organisation. Being transparent build trust and respect in an employee which really very important for any organisation.

5.  Work-Life BalanceYou should know how to keep balance at work and life. Just expecting your employees to work for 12 hours in office without any leaves will only leave them drained and unproductive. They should be allowed to go on vacations and balance their personal lives as well. So that they can spend time with their families as well and feel equally good at work.

6. Recognizing the work in front of entire teamPraising an employee for a good work and appreciating him in front of the entire team really makes a difference in boosting an employee’s morale. Praise them verbally, by writing thank you notes, dropping an email, text whatever it can be, but having an environment of appreciation will make a difference.

7. Training and OpportunitiesWhen Employees get proper subject matter trainings they feel more confident about their work. Seeing a clearer career path and opportunities to grow personally and professionally, make an employee look forward to performing much better.

8. Incentives and BonusIncentives for sure are motivation boosters. Whether paying gift cards, vouchers or cash prize to employees to show an appreciation for work well done will definitely motive an employee to do better next time as well.

9. Each Employee is differentBeing a manager one needs to figure out what makes each employee tick. Personal goals should also be taken care of. One thing should be understood by managers that one thing doesn’t work for all. Everybody is a different individual and different things make different people happy.

Thus, it is really very important for managers to follow positive ways to keep the employees motivated and happy in the workplace. Otherwise, people just get bored of the same environment and start looking out for jobs here and there, even if they stay in your organisation they will not perform up to the mark.

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