How to handle office romance as a manager

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Happy couples are something that everyone loves but not in a workplace for sure. Romance at the workplace can be distracting and leads to loss of productivity. Following are the tips for HR Managers to deal with inevitable workplace pairing without much hue and cry.

Talk about it: Managers feel that it is not good to talk about personal stuff with their team. But that’s not a good idea. Managers should always talk in private about their team person if they are seeing someone at work. He should not dig very deep about it but yes just a broad talk about the same is really advised. Getting deeper into dating details etc is a bad idea.

Accept the reality: Smart managers will always accept the reality that people meet their partners at work. Instead of cribbing and complaining about the same, they will understand this fact and accept it positively which will make them work well with their team.

Change the departments: One of the best measures a manager can take is to change the departments or seating arrangements of the lovebirds. This will lead to less distraction, and unnecessary delay in assignments given.

Set the Boundaries: Being a manager you should always set boundaries for the couple. You should always know your team member that what will not be accepted working with him. We are expected to be professionals to work. College-goers attitude is not expected out of professionals.

Have a policy in place: Having a policy in place can lead to control of such scenarios to some extent. This is an indirect way of letting people know that what will not be accepted on office premises.

Prohibit Public Display of affection: If you get to know about the couple make them very clear about the fact that you will not accept things publicly and let the entire workplace get affected. Be firm and clear in stating your terms to the happy couple.

Understand sexual harassment: If romance turns into sexual harassment the managers should understand the immediate action that needs to be taken in such a scenario. Proper training and information should be provided to the managers at the workplace for the same.

Hence, we as managers cannot really stop such affairs at the workplace. If the relationships at work are affecting an employee’s productivity it is really not important to unnecessarily stress an individual and put pressure on him. Always behaving open, grown-up and sensible to these problems is really important. Managers who start taking bad or wrong decisions at work without thinking can soon be losing upon good employees uselessly. Encourage your employees to practice common sense and avoid overdoing it at the is better to educate the staff at first about romance boundaries at the workplace and the consequences of breaking the rules. Office romances have always been taking place and will be there in the future as well. No doubt they are problematic for the managers but ignoring them completely can also lead to productivity loss and talent loss. After all, they are human beings as well.

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