Tips to give constructive feedback as an HR Professional

Added: Mar 02, 2018 UTC
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Truly said, Feedback is the breakfast of the champions. It is really important for everyone in an organisation. Giving constructive feedback to your team members is really very important as they get to know where they are, how are they performing, what their goals are, and what really they can do to improve their performance. It’s a very useful tool to let people know whether things are going in right direction or not. The interesting fact is that employees actually look forward to their managers for constructive feedback and respect them for being candid and more trust is built in between the people for having a clear conversation. The trick is to learn how to give a constructive feedback to your team without being them offended and to build things and not break them.

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1. Focus on the situation rather than the person: It’s always good not to comment on an individual as that is something that really hurts. One should focus on the situation or projects to give their feedbacks.

2. A balance between positive and Negative feedback: If a person keeps focusing only on bad points and not positive feedback it can really turn the table upside down. A behavior that gets rewarded gets repeated. People also want to hear well for themselves.

3. Do not overdo it: Keep bragging about the same mistake or going below the belt should not be the ideal way of giving feedback to an individual. Just giving your message in a short and proper tone will solve the purpose.

4. Be clear and specific: Beating around the Bush while giving feedback to the team members is really bad. Be clear and specific to points when you sit for a feedback session. You should have your facts right and should have done your homework before the session.

5. Always ask for feedback in return: Feedback sessions should always be two ways. It should not that only one gets to speak all the time. Make it interactive where both the parties get a chance to speak and when you are done in the end as for your feedback as well from the person you just had completed giving feedback. It really makes difference to him to being asked for a feedback in return.

6. Don't be too harsh: A manager should always try putting himself in his subordinate shoes before being too hard on him with his words and tone. One should always remember that they are dealing with human beings and they have emotions and feelings. So going slow will be better for both the involved parties.

7. Look out for a solution together: When you focus on any area or problem while giving feedback to a person you should also give him a chance to speak back and should focus on providing a solution as well for the same. Only focusing on the weak area and leaving it unsolved as too bad as a manager.

Giving feedback to your team is an essential part of your job. It is natural to be hesitant to point out a few bad areas but few employees really look forward to their manager for their professional growth. But it’s worth an effort to let your people know that you care and value them.

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