Why Exit Interviews are Important

Updated: Feb 27, 2019 UTC
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Exit Interviews are taken for the employees leaving the organisation. Conducting Exit Interviews can be very beneficial for an organisation. Exit interviews if done with a proper process and not just for doing sake it can really give very good inputs to improve the organisation. The real purpose of an exit interview is to let the employee share his experience in the organisation and learning the loopholes from him and prevent other people to resign. An exit interview also gives an opportunity to sort out issues with an employee leaving the organisation on bad terms.

An exit interview should be conducted by the HR manager or maybe the person who is not dealing directly with the person. In this manner, it gets easy for people to speak up openly. The onus is on the HR to effectively conduct the exit interviews and effectively utilize the gathered information in a proper manner to deal with certain issues going on in the organisation through which more people might leave and go.

Through Exit interviews, you will get a candid picture of your organisation's environment and culture. Proper insights in recruitment, on boarding and training might help improve your HR and other company functions. Exit Interviews are cost effective and don’t require much of efforts. It’s a very good tool to let you know about your people and organisation.

Following is the process to prepare yourself for Exit Interviews:

1. Plan the meeting: It is really very important for the manager to inform the person about the meeting and the agenda as it will help them prepare themselves and gather their thoughts. Sudden intimation cannot really meet the purpose.

2. What should you ask in the Exit Interview: Before heading for the interview it is always advisable to prepare a set of questions that you will ask the leaving employee. You may tell the person that he is not required to answer all the questions if he is not feeling comfortable answering them. It relieves him of the pressure. Also; ask for his permission to share the feedback with the management.

3. What not to ask during Exit Interviews: It is always very important to know the things which should not be asked during the interviews. Remember not to ask questions targeting any specific people. Just take a general feedback from people. Don't get into personal issues. Let the conversation professional and work oriented. Don't try to convince the person leaving back in these interviews, this could have been done at the time when he put down his papers.

4. Processing Employee feedback: Every feedback received during exit interview should be treated as an opportunity to bring some change in the organisation. The feedback received should be shared with the management or the immediate supervisor. If you get some insight from various exit interviews like people are happy with the work profile, it should be immediately brought into supervisors notice. This will help to stop any more resignations coming in for the same reason.

Exit interviews are important for an organisation in various ways:

  • An exit interview lets an employee give you a constructive feedback and quit the role with a positive note
  • The last moment of conversation gives you an opportunity to review some of the continuing responsibilities of the employees
  • Exit Interview process provides an opportunity to ask more about the open issues that you may need to be aware of. 
  • It can give you a candid assessment of the company’s culture and environment
  • Insight into the process of recruiting, joining, and training requirements can get revealed
  • The feedback during the exit interview can help you to know about the areas which will help you to improve the staff retention.
  • Development opportunities in the development of the management  planning
  • It is one of the easy and cost-effective ways to facilitate with HR perception

Thus, if Exit interviews are taken in a properly planned manner, it can be really very helpful for the organisation to look into matters that they would not have know from any other means.

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