How to conduct an effective interview

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As a Human resource manager finding the right person for the right job is a big task. For this, a manager needs to follow a proper interview conducting techniques. The real process starts before the interview actually takes place. Below discussed are a few techniques which are really important for conducting good interviews.

1. Know your Candidate well-As a known fact people are their best at the time of interviews. As a manager, you can research about the candidate more through LinkedIn, facebook twitter or any other common contact. Know a person well during the interview will make you at ease with the person and help you understand him little better.

2. Pre-interview planning is required-Understand the open position quite well before conducting an interview. Organisations hire because they have a need to fill. A proper knowledge about the requirement is to be well known before starting an interview. Also, you can make the candidate understand the process of an entire interview so that he will be all prepared for the same.

3. Start with Simple-Just to ease the candidate in the interview start with the easiest questions like, “Tell me about yourself”, or “why are you interested to work in our organization”. These questions will make the candidate a little comfortable.Now after pouring in the questions always remember a thumb rule, please allow the candidate to respond. Don't keep shooting questions one by one. As a recruiter, you should always give two minutes to the candidate to respond.

4. Ask for detail clarifications-Once you ask a question to the candidate don’t settle with straight and simple responses. You should always dig deeper into the answers. In case if he says I don’t not like something, your next question should be why is there any reason behind it or any bad experiences. This all really help you understand the candidate better.

5. Consideration for Cultural fitment as well-While hiring a candidate the cultural fitment should also be taken into consideration. Will the employee be comfortable in your organization and will adjust to the work environment.Is he a long-term player or the short term thinker is a fact which should be focused upon.

6. Sell the job-If the interview is going fine and during the meeting, you realize that the candidate is fine and fit for your organization, utilize the second half of the interview selling the role and the organization. Tell them more about your company and people vintages. More they know better it is for you.

7. Provide proper follow up instructions-Once the interview is done, let the candidate know what comes next. Explain him well about the next step you are going to take after his interview and when can he expect the response for the same.

Thus, conducting interviews better in a proper manner can lead to a good hiring. It is after all people in your organization that really matters. A few proper measures and preparations can help you make a good person hire in your organization. Only filling up vacancies and looking at the headcount should not be a sole purpose. Good people hired will take the organization to a better place.

Before sitting for taking an interview, make sure that you have answers to these to make it more effective for the interviewer, candidate, and the organization:

·         Is the question easily understandable?

·         If the question you asked is biased in any way possible?

·         If the question is really required for the evaluation?

·         Will the candidate be keen to give you the asked information?

·         If the question is really applicable to all the candidates appearing for an interview?

·         If the question you are asking is allowing the candidates to give their opinions?

·         Make sure that the follow-up questions you are asking are required?

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If the question is straightforward to evaluate?

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