Ideas to celebrate Women’s Day in Office

Added: Mar 05, 2018 UTC
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According to the Report of Global Gender Gap, World Economic Forum's 2017, gender equality is over 200 years away – today needs to be considered as the most important time to keep motivated and #PressforProgress. And with the global activism for women's equality fuelled by movements like #MeToo, #TimesUp and more - there is a strong global momentum striving for gender parity.

And while we know that gender parity won't happen overnight, the good news is that across the world women are making positive gains day by day. Plus, there's indeed a very strong and growing global movement of advocacy, activism and support.

Today, we are sharing few ideas to celebrate Women’s Day in office to make them feel special, to let them know how important they are for the company, and how great they are as a women serving the society.

Gift Vouchers: The best way is to gift the women employee a gift voucher as per the company’s budget. This will help them buy anything as per their choice and requirement. Getting any financial benefit on such an occasion always motivates the employees and builds trust for the organization they are working for. Gift vouchers can be bought online for various e-commerce websites or it can be from any famous spa, saloon, parlour, or supermarket nearby.

Family Day in office: You can also think of a family get-together and call the family members of the employees. For female employees, it would be great to call their husbands or fathers to let them have more idea about the place their better halves or daughters are working that can make them more comfortable thereon. And, for the male staff, you call their mothers or wives to let them enjoy the day and realize that they are the most people in their lives.

Social Media Postings: Most of the companies have their social media handles that can be utilized to showcase the achievements and great works done by your female staff. Make sure that the employees can share the posts on their own profiles with the settings being public and sharable.

Yoga Class or Meditation Class: You can also plan a yoga class or meditation class exclusively for the female employees. It will take only an hour or so to get it done with a very reasonable expenditure of the trainer’s fees. This will motivate the employees and would be great step showing them the healthy side of life.

Gifting Books telling Women power and achievements: You can also select and gift few books dedicated to the life story of women mentioning their struggle, achievements, power, and honours. This way, you will gift them an example of success and a motivation to lead a life of an idol for somebody.

Women-centric movie shows: You can also plan for a women-centric movie inside the office premises showing some great achievements of women. There are a number of movies that can be selected for showing the real power of women in the country.

We should definitely go ahead and promote the gender diversity in our office. According to the UN reports, only 50% of the women across the world are employed as compared to 76% of men. There are several studies that show the benefits of having the diverse workforce in the organizations showing the great productivity.

Higher Performance: This is not just the statement that says that the gender diversity leads to the better financial performances, rather there are the proven studies behind the same. Even McKinsey conducted a survey that shows a direct link between the gender diversity and the company’s financial improvements.

Positive Reputation: Giving equal opportunities builds you a positive reputation giving you a talented pool, also attracting larger investor and customer base.

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Creative and Innovative Workforce: Hiring gender diversified workforce fosters the hard work, intelligence, and creativity at the workplace. You will have more and better ideas having diversified experience and mindset.

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