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Once you get the requirements to hire for your organization, you sit to mark the details of the job requirements. These details can include the educational background, age factor, total experience required, particular skills needed, behavioural aspects as well as the personality traits. When you need the experienced candidates to fill up the position, you prefer the job portals, employee referrals, or social media. However, for the fresher hiring, most of the companies prefer direct campus hiring. There are a lot of benefits taking the fresh talent from the campuses because of a number of reasons like:

·         They are available at competitive salary bands

·         You get to have fresh and new perspective and views in the organization

·         Fresh graduate are found to be more serious towards the completion of work

·         They are up to date with the latest and new technology being studied in their curriculum

·         Fresh graduates are always fast to learn new things

·         You get t hire new and fresh techniques to complete the tasks

·         They are good listeners being their first corporate experience

However, selecting from a pool of candidates appearing for the recruitment process can be a difficult and tricky task. You can have various rounds to shortlist the number of students appearing for the next round; however, there is always a question what to see when you are there for the campus hiring. Obviously, you cannot have any question related to job profile because they never ever worked. So, here are few tips to keep in mind when you go for campus hiring next time to make sure that you get the best of the available pool.

Quick Learners: Look at the resumes of the candidates carefully to know more about the special skills they have developed or learned recently. Talk about the same and know how much time it took for the candidate to learn the same. Else, you can plan for some activities to see if the candidates are quick learners or not. You can check it with multiple instructions set for a particular activity or round.

Communication Skills: Communication is the key point in any of the employee you have in your organization. Being in HR department, there can’t be anyone who knows better what level of communication you need for the job profile given and your company standards. Try to let them speak as much as possible and you just listen to them. Know their thoughts and judge their communication level.

Initiative and Dependability: Every organization requires the employees who they can trust and be dependent on them. You need to know during the interviews if the candidate you are interviewing is dependable or not. You need to know more about the initiatives they took during their college course or before to know their initiative skills.

Ready to take Challenge Attitude: While interviewing the candidate, try asking about the responsibilities over and above the job profile you are looking for. See, if the candidate has an eagerness to learn more, to do more, and to take up the challenges more than just the profile they are required to handle.

Problem-solving attitude: When you are working in a company, you are sure to have problems and complex situations to handle. Try giving them few of such situations to check their ability to solve the issues in a creative way or without taking any kind of stress.

Hard work and sincerity: One of the reasons that I prefer campus hiring for filling up the fresher’s positions is their hard-working attitude and sincerity. So, check their educational records and other things mentioned in the resume to know more about their sincerity levels.

With increased demand for skilled workforce in the organization along with the increased set of the talent pool available in the campuses, it is easy to get a handful of people to select from. However, it is equally important to hire the best of them matching the exact requirements of the job profile and the organization.

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