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In every workplace, we hear a lot about a team. There are a lot of terms and phrases we often listen in the place like - Working with my team, developing an effective team, an experienced team and a lot more. Belonging to a team, in a broader manner is a result of feeling a part of something larger than you or you can say an individual. It has a lot to do with your organisation's goals, vision and mission. One should never underestimate the power of a strong, united workforce. From motivating employees, engaging them, boosting their performances, understanding the ways to build a great team in the workplace are some good ways to take your company towards betterment.  

For various companies that have excellent teamwork, problem-solving becomes much easier since people with different skills and knowledge work together to build a creative solution. Without good teamwork in the office, it’s really very difficult to progress as a business, which can result in the stagnation and loss of market share. Even the talented people don’t like working with such organisations. It is very important to know how to get good results as a team, by knowing your flaws as well as the strengths of individual workers. Building a team that is successful and productive is not easy, but it can be achieved by following the proper measures like:

It starts at the top: If you do not have good teamwork at the grassroots level then the leaders of the team need to lead by an example. They are the ones people look forward to. Their behaviour will trickle down through the company to leaders at each level of the company, then subsequently to all the team members. Eventually, the whole organization will come to accept and expect this mode of working. As simple as it may sound, the leaders must understand what team’s contribution to the business is and what the business is all about. Consider each employee's ideas as valuable. Remember that there is no such thing as a stupid idea. Set an example to team members by being open with employees and sensitive to their moods and feelings.

Communication is very Important: Good communication is the heart of great teamwork. If team members are not able to speak to each other and make clear what they mean in regards to their job or even a conflict, it will not be possible to achieve balanced teamwork. Communication is always the key to a healthy relationship. Facilitating communication does not mean holding meetings all the time. Instead, it means setting an example by remaining open to suggestions and concerns, by asking questions and offering help, and by doing everything you can to avoid confusion in your own communication.

Clarify Purpose: For working as a team the purpose of the work should be very clear, otherwise, the attention and enthusiasm of the team will come down. It’s important that the roles and responsibilities are clearly documented for each employee. Each member needs to contribute to the team’s work in a way that is both organized and creative, focusing on the central goal of their job as well as constant skill development.

Celebrations: Along with motivation, encouragement, recognition, gratitude, goals, one more thing that is really very important is the celebration. Having casual get-togethers, parties, going out for dinner and drinks are really very good ideas for making the team gel up well with other team members. It breaks the ice and gives an opportunity to the team members to communicate with others more openly in an informal environment.

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Thus, it is you as a manager who needs to work out that what works best for you. One single formula doesn’t apply at all. It needs to be figured out what works best for your people at your workplace.

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