Tips to have a successful Employee Referral program

Updated: May 01, 2019 UTC
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No matter, how many sources you use and try to fill the open positions in your organisation, employee referrals are always the best and the most cost-effective way. As a flourishing HR professional or a recruiting manager, you know that your organisation’s current staffs have the ability to get you the best employees in the market and prove to be one of the best hiring tools for you. You just need to concentrate on establishing a brilliant and an approachable employee referral program. So, here we are sharing few tips to launch and run a successful Employee referral program for your organisation.

Educate and train the Managers: Once you need an employee in a team, the first person to share the requirement is the team leaders and the managers. They know exactly what their requirement is and what skills they need in their team member. People have the tendency to trust their family friends and are better persons to judge if they would be suitable for the position or not. So, HR professionals should focus on training and educate the team leaders within the organisation about the benefits of employee referrals.

Take Help from Marketing Team: Marketing team of your organisation would be the best stop for you to go and take help from them to market your referral program among the employees within the company. Ask them how you can keep the employees updated and motivated at the same time to refer the candidates for the open positions. You can encourage the employees to share the posts on their social media to get more and more references from a single point of contact.

Make the Policy easy and rewarding: Not many employees will come directly to the HR department telling that they have the reference for the position they posted on the job sites. You can go for branded portals for the employee referrals or you can directly send the message or upload the requirement on the internal portal of information. This will make sure that most of the employees know about the requirement and you may increase the number of referrals thereon.

Highlight the referrals and referees: Don’t forget to celebrate the success stories once you hired the referred employee. You can decide on the perfect time and place to do this. It can be during the monthly review meetings, discussions with the team, board of achievements, LED displays, or any other way your company is used to. Find some creative ways to let them know that the referred person is good or going to be good for the company because he/ she is referred by the person who already knows about the organisation and its work culture.

Keep it technology based: Make a proper use of technology to have a successful employee referral program. In case you are using applicant tracking technology, make use of it to let the referee know about every step involved in the recruitment process for the candidate he referred. They should be aware of the round they have not cleared or the reason they were not selected. Give proper feedback after completion of the process so that you get the initial screening done for the next referred candidate.

As per the Hiring Insights, it is found out that the employee referral programs are very beneficial in many ways like:

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  • 88% of employers prefer the employee referrals over and above all the other recruitment options for quality hires.
  • 70% of referred employees do not change positions and organizations since their joining, showing that the employers can save the cost and energy to backfill those roles.
  • 2/3rd of referred employees have further referred a minimum of one employee for a job.
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