Recruiters adapting Social Media for Hiring

Added: Mar 06, 2018 UTC
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Social media handles are one of the must-have recruitment strategies these days. Today’s recruiters are becoming accustomed to the changing trends of the job seeker background by stimulating their recruiting strategies through social media targeting trendy and popular social networking sites. As per the recent trends, 73% of the job seekers were successfully recruited by using social media, with 29% stating that social media is becoming their primary source to do the job searches.

To ensure to have the easy way to hire the employees through social media handles, you need to know how to maintain your login through mobile-friendly applications so that you can check the updates on the go. You need to make sure that the brand presence is proper across various social sites, easy and quick job posting as and when needed and enable recruiter’s social profiles on the site’s applications. Keeping all this in mind, you still require having the direct focus to the best and the most important and popular social networking sites at your disposal.

So, here we are discussing various networking sites you may need to outline your hiring strategy around, and the different ways that can work to close the positions.

LinkedIn: Without having any doubt, LinkedIn is considered to be the largest and best professional networking site to know more about the positions and roles people handle in their particular organisations. You can read their posts and check the activities on the site to know more about the person and the knowledge base as per their social interactions. It is said that 62% of the professionals expect to land up a job through LinkedIn. It is one of the best sites to tap the passive candidates who are actually not looking for a job change but are potential candidates for our organisations. You can opt to boost through social distribution that will help you to directly send your requirements to the employees.

Facebook: The social networking site where you can find almost any person is Facebook. It has almost 2 billion active users monthly. Facebook has surpassed the method in which the job seekers network with the companies and brands they find exciting, and it crosses all age groups, gender, and location, so assorted exposure isn’t a concern. With such high user preservation, it’s an ideal place to connect with the job seekers, present your company insights and share all your openings. In fact, you can find a separate section on Facebook for companies named ‘Job Openings’ where you can enter all the open positions and the candidates can visit the single page to see the available positions and apply for the same.

Twitter: Twitter is another social networking site having 130 million active users every month. It is one of the great micro-blogging website having a limited set of the characters to be entered. It is a challenge to write down your requirement in the limited 140 characters allowed for a single post, but giving an insight into the company and an open position is a trick to share. You can either use more than one post to share your requirements or use best of your creativity with the words to express the exact needs in short.

Instagram: The picture-based social networking site may not be on top of the mind of a recruiter to hire a potential employee, but a picture speaks more than a thousand words. The platform can be utilized to improve and demonstrate your brand, your values, and ‘We are hiring’ boards with details in the captions or by providing the links to the job opening pages on your sites. The site has a great number of followers and users making it second highest amongst the desirable generation.

YouTube: Though YouTube is one of the video specific platform and hence not a favourite spot for the recruiters to visit for the hiring purpose. However, you can use the platform to create the brand image and the requirements in the most creative way. Also, the video resumes are a new trend and YouTube can be the best platform to invite the video resumes for the video based openings declaration.

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Recruiting is not an easy task, but when you are using social networking website and social tools in your recruiting strategies, you are simply a ‘status update’ away.

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