How to avoid back office politics?

Updated: Jan 23, 2019 UTC
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As we are working in corporate world and adhere its policies and professional ethics, but unfortunately staying long hours in office, it’s not possible to act professional all the time. Whenever colleagues gets the relax time, they starts un-ethical and politics approach.    

These are few steps to avoid office bad politics among the employees.

1. Observe your team employees and how they approach each other. Find those employees who might set off department feuds or spread rumors. Observing without interfere will give you the chance to see how office politics play out in your branch. You will also notice who the real problem employees might be is.

2. Maintain strict boundaries. Being a supervisor or a manager, you are not supposed to befriend your employees. Don’t get drawn into any gossip or minor arguments. Keep your voice and topics always professional and work-related when you deal with your employees.

3. Show your authority when necessary. Your team needs to know that gossip, rumors, backstabbing and disheartenment each other's work will not be accepted

4. Hold private discussions with the people who are concerned. Peacefully explain that you expect each one to do the job he / she was hired for and to keep on task. Remind your employees that the way they interact with other employees of the team will be noted in performance reviews.

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5. Promote respect among the members of your team members. Set always a good example by treating everyone in a professional and respectful manner in the same organization.

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