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Added: Mar 07, 2018 UTC
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Recruitment process got revolutionized with the emerging technologies in the field where the recruiters are hiring through social networking sites, online job portals, applications, job boards, to online applicant tracking systems to fulfil the open positions. Digital recruiting is continuously changing the way we are used to recruiting for the positions and it will keep on growing. The digital recruitment will help to make the recruitment process more effective. It will expand the reach of the recruitment agencies and the recruiters to improve their ability to judge and assess the candidates.

There are numerous reasons validating the fact that the recruitment going digital has got benefits over the traditional recruitment process.

Not restricted to paper resume: The first benefit of going digital in the recruitment process is that you are no more dependent on the paper resumes checking the details of the candidates. It is a much-sophisticated way to assess the employees and the potential candidates. The recruiters can evaluate a candidate’ competencies required with the help of various objective indicators. It is always better to know in advance if the candidate is proficient enough to work on the given profile or not with the help of digital measurements.

Focus on skills rather than degrees: We know that a University degree and candidate’s actual performance doesn’t have a direct connection. In today’s scenario, when the time is money and the results are the measures to evaluate the performance, the digital recruitment process helps the recruiters to know more about the skills a candidate have rather than the qualification background.

A wider approach to potential candidates: When the recruiters opt for the digital methods to go for their hiring process, they open a wider range to get the potential candidates to apply for the job opening. You can get more candidates to screen with the more relevant skill sets you are looking for. You get to match the right candidates in the shorter period of time with least efforts made and also give you more opportunities to get in touch with most of them.

Geo-filters: When you go for the digital hiring, you get to know that there is a feature of geo-filters in most of the applicant tracking and candidate screening software’s where the software filters and shows the most relevant candidates according to the skills set, of course, as well as the geographical presence. Hence, you get to see more of the candidates who will find the location suitable to them and hence beneficial for time-saving and early closing of the position.

Social Media Handles: These days, almost everyone is having at least one of the social media account from Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. And these networking sites have millions of daily users who can be tapped as potential candidates and your future employees. The mastery of a recruiter over these social media accounts can help the organization getting the best of the employees across the globe. These networking sites also help you to tap the passive candidates who have got great potential and not actively looking for any career opportunity. Tapping such employees can be a big victory for a company to fulfil their job requirements.

Can save Data Overload: During the days when we used to do all our recruitment process by means of papers at each stage, it was a huge wastage of paper as well as space and energy to save those bunches. We moved from newspaper advertisements to pamphlets to internal sourcing to job portals to social media and finally completely changing ourselves to digital recruiting.

All these changes can be difficult to adapt in the beginning, however, it is easiest and bias-free process in the long run to streamline our recruitment process. HR professionals and the organizations need to step forward and adapt themselves to the current need of digitization of the hiring process.

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