Some immense ways to express the appreciation to employees.

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You can let know your colleagues and employees how much are they important to you and how much you value them and their contribution or participation any day in the year. Believe me, no special occasion is essential. In fact, little surprises and tokens of appreciation extend throughout the year assist the employees in their work life feel appreciated by the employer all year long.

Ask your co-worker about their important interests. Questions and acknowledgments regarding their family unit, their hobbies, their weekend or any special event they have ever attended are always welcome. Your true attention—as opposed to being inquisitive causes people to sense respected and cared about. show this interest regularly by asking questions

Commend something your colleague has done well. Recognize the precise actions that you found commendable. This commend feels genuine since you took the moment in time to spell out details—not just, "You did a great job." You can also highlight the actions that you had like to see the employee do more often and everybody benefits when the employees experience clear direction.

Say thank you. Show the employees your admiration for the hard work and contributions they have done and do not forget to say “Please” often as well. At the work place Social niceties do belongs. A more cordial, polite, cultured place of work is valued by everyone.

Offer staff members flexible scheduling for the holidays, if possible. If work coverage is decisive, post a calendar so that people can balance their time off with that of their co-workers. (A flexible work timetable is a advantage that employees wish all of the time.)

Present a personalized reward. Be familiar with your coworker’s interests well enough to present a little gift occasionally. A valued gift and the gesture of providing it will light up your co-worker’s day. A greeting card can serve the purpose. You can offer a card for no reason at all, to rejoice a special day such as a birthday, or to offer compassion when a co-worker is ill or experiences a family death.

If you can manage to pay cash amount to the staff members. In the end of the year bonuses, attendance bonuses, quarterly bonuses and gift certificates say "thanking you for outstanding performance" quite nicely.

Treat staff members. Bring in bagels, doughnuts or another treat for staff and coworkers. Offerings such as cookies, Chocolates or cupcakes, particularly anything that you've baked personally, are a huge strike

Almost everyone appreciates food. Take coworkers or staff to lunch on a special occasion (Birthday) or for no reason at all. Let your guest choose the eating place or order pizza/ lunch from a caterer or a store. Schedule a brunch for a team that has met its current goals/ targets and over delivers on its promised timeline.

Finally, provide opportunity. People want opportunities for training and cross-training. They want to contribute on a special committee where their skills are identified and appreciated. They like to attend professional association meetings and represent the organization at civic and philanthropic events. Do you at present have only your executives participating these events? Extend the wealth of opportunities to all the employees. They will actually be thankful for the opportunities.

Employee admiration is never out-of-place. In fact, in many organizations, it is often a scarce commodity. Make your place of work the exception. Use each opportunity to demonstrate your gratitude and appreciation to your employees.

Every employees wants reward and recognition in the organization, they want to feel connected with company by any manners, so being HR manager if you give them appreciations in any mode the will be more happy and productive for long time.

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