Reasons why you need to re-skill you HR team

Added: Mar 07, 2018 UTC
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Human Resource department makes the core team for the success of any organization. And when the industry standards change, the technology and HR trends change, questions changed, and the potential candidate’s preferences change, HR team needs to change them in order to cope with the changing market. Your key HR team needs to be considered for re-skilling.

This doesn’t mean at all that HR team of your organization is lagging behind, however keeping ourselves updated with the changing technology is always important and required as well to survive in this fast-changing market. As earlier we used to ask ‘Which company do you work for?’ today we ask ‘What technology you are working on?’ Today, we work every time, everywhere with technology moving along with us. We used to have full time and stable jobs only, but today we have work from home options available, flexible timings available, and even the VPN feature enables us to work from anywhere with real-time working experience.

So, all the changes that are happening in the working environment lead to a demand of up-skilling the HR team as well.

See the Tech quotient of the existing HR team: In this digital world, it is inevitable to be tech savvy and now most of the things using technology. You may not be a developer and know the coding parts, but using the technology is also a big part to be a technology know how person. So, the organizations need to invest some money and time to make sure that their HR employees are well-versed with the latest technology to be used.      

           Career Planning: There should be a clear plan for the career development of your HR team as well. If we go by a study, it is seen that 4 out of 10 employees lost their jobs due to the process automation. You need to identify the demographic changes required, the competencies of individuals as per the organizational goals and vision. Make sure you have a proper roadmap for the HR person that is directly aligned with the overall business goals.

Develop Learning workforce: With the rapidly changing trends of technology, systems, and process, make sure that the HR team in your organization is ready for the changes to happen internally as well. Prepare them for the upcoming advancements and give the training as per their requirements so that the lack of knowledge does not hinder the organization’s progress and success. HR team should know where the business is heading to. They should have a clear idea about the skills that are required in the team and how a company is planning to bridge the given gap. They should have a mindset of ‘always-on’ for the training and skills development.

 Handle the Change: Prepare your HR team to be storytellers with the help of data available. It is not always easy to implement any changes in the organization. You need a great workforce in HR team who can handle the dissatisfaction level of employees and make it happen smoothly. Influential skill in HR team will be of great help during that time where they can use the strategy of being a storyteller with the help of facts and figures ready or becoming a Relationship Manager. You need to play a role of relationship manager who can handle the gaps in the adaptation of changes and can act as a bridge for an organization.

Business Knowledge: Last, but not the least is the knowledge and goals of the business they are working for. HR should always be involved in the strategy formation and business planning stages so that they know the real situations and can handle the conflicts among employees if ever happens.

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