Best ways to Increase your offers to joining ratio

Added: Mar 07, 2018 UTC
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“Dropping off after an offer” Is there anything more frustrating in recruitment than this?

This begin accruing right from the moment when a requirement falls unfilled while the hiring process till the time the hired candidate becomes completely productive for the organization.

Most of the time recruiters go through the tough process of sourcing relevant skills candidate and spend hours improving the candidate’s knowledge, only to be left empty handed.

Practically, there are a few things that even the most excellent recruiter cannot control - a candidate's devotion to his/her current organization, personal reasons that do not permit them to shift to a new place, etc.

But how do HR team improve their processes to keep away from the avoidable drop offs

1. Start with the role: This may look like a no-brainer to nearly all HR professionals but the method that this is approached is truly what makes all the distinction. According to me ensuring that the applicant know their position within their respective group as well as within the larger association works better than simply clearing up the mechanics of the position itself.

 2. Set expectations at first: When an applicant drops off at the later stage because of essential disparity in expectations, it should hoist a red flag in your interview procedure. This means that very important information about the job profile like pay, leave policy, hierarchy, work timings and appraisal practices/ increment structure are either not being communicated or are being miss communicated which leads to confusion at the later stage as this acts as an immediate check on an applicant’s expectations.

3. Recognize inefficiencies during interview process: Fix some parts of the interview process. The most vital is the duration of the interview itself.  The longer the interview process is the higher the chance of drop off.

So, take practical steps to reduce the disturbance in any applicant’s life by cutting time off this process.  At times long notice periods can cause uncertainty in an applicant’s mind and give their employer time to create a better offer. The shorter interview process can aid some applicant’s make faster decisions.

If your HR team has a constantly low joining ratio, it is most likely time to re-examine your whole interview process. Recognize recurring points of applicant drop off to comprehend 'gaps' and inefficiencies in the applicant’s skill. Little enhancement to your applicant’s experience can make all the distinction when it comes to getting an applicant hooked.

4. Give them a sense of ownership: Speaking of getting an applicant hooked, there is no better way to preserve an applicant’s attention than offering them a sense of possession prior they join. So they can experience that they are part of the group even before they join. We can incorporate this idea in their interview process asking straight questions like:

What impact will the candidate have on the product and user experience?

What user confronts can the candidate recognize and fix?

What are a few ways through which the candidate would improve the product?

In fact, they get in touch with candidates and encourage them to download the app and take it for a spin sooner than the interview begins.

5. Communicate, Communicate & Communicate: Ensuring vast experiences is not a new phenomenon, and it is not rocket science. We can try to make a series of personal communications that add up to a great experience.

For example, if there is any technology or program used by the team that the applicant is unfamiliar with, information is sent over to give them a faultless change when they join.

The team should make sure to keep an open line of communication with the applicant through their offer to joining period. Actually, numerous lines of communication! They encourage a variety of members of their team to reach out and welcome the candidate, keeping it casual but obliging. Instead of staying motionless and hoping conventional methods would create enhanced consequences, many organization’s have modified their interview process to suit the attitude of the modern applicant.

It is very clear that the key differentiator for a high offer to joining ratio was the level of consideration at the back of an interview procedure. Instead of staying inert and hoping traditional methods would produce enhanced outcome, Organizations have modified their interview process to suit the mindset of the modern candidate. Even as improving candidate experience has been great leaning across the industry, these interviews gave us a unique approach it into how the organization’s are now going big and small to close these hires.

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