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Having Women’s Day approaching and looking at the gender paycheck gaps, the hot topic of discussion is to encourage the hiring of women employees at the workplace. If some of the recent researchers are to be believed, it is come into picture that the teams which include women employees are more successful at their logical analysis, planning, problem – solving skills, and coordination while an Institute has found out that getting 30% of the female employees on boards can add 6% points to an organization’s margin.

Now as we getting to know more about the problem, the companies are getting ready for the change and dedicating company’s resources and time to finding the effective solutions. The main aim is to close the gap and focusing on increasing the gender diversity. Hiring more of the women employees in an organization is not always that easy as said. There can be a number of reasons behind the fact. The management needs to see the corporate culture of their existing workplace to start implementing some innovative policies, procedures, and structures that can make their organization a friendly place to work. Only then you can make your workplace as one that will encourage growth and development.

Here, we will be discussing few ways that can attract more women employees to work for your organizations and keep the current female staff motivated to stay with you for a longer time.

Package Revision: In our country, the first motivation comes with the money they are getting for all the hard work they are putting in. Revising the benefits package can do some part of your job to attract more female employees and also to satisfy the existing staff. If the staff is married and are mothers, you can consider being flexible with their timings where they can accommodate pick-up and drops to the school easily.

Progressive Career Path: Giving a detailed vision to the career path to the employees keep them motivated and work towards achieving their goals and reaching the next mentioned level. The companies should be very clear on the possibilities and have a plan prepared for the same so that it is easy for them to accommodate the new talent. This will also help in right competency matching to reach their ambitions and skills.

Encourage more Leaders in Top Management: If you look into the list of Fortune 500 companies, there are only 5% of female leaders leading the organizations. And if we talk about the FTSE 250 companies, this percentage is just 0.3%. It clearly shows the ratio of male and female leaders leading the teams and businesses. We need to make some efforts to motivate the female leaders to come forward and lead their ideas. The organizations should launch a formal mentorship program to motivate and give more challenging opportunities to enable them to come forward and take the further steps in their leadership graph.

Remain on Top of the Priority List: Today is an era where getting a job is not a very hard task, rather, when a candidate appears for an interview, they are preparing their minds as well whether they want to join this company or not. To be more specific, they are deciding on whether they want to join this team leader or this HR team or not. So, make sure you are that right face to talk to the potential candidate who will motivate a potential candidate to join them.

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Diverse Recruiting Staff: As we know, that people prefer the persons with a similar mindset. A recruiter, who is in the favour of hiring female staff, will definitely prefer interviewing a female candidate with the same dedication as a male candidate. However, the recruiter who prefers to hire and work with male staff will consider the other applicants a little lesser. So, a proper mix of people in your organization is always important who could prefer both sets of employees and take interviews with the same set of questions irrespective of the gender of the employee.

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