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Updated: Oct 10, 2018 UTC
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Today is International Recruiters Day, and being a recruiter from last 8 years, here I am sharing what exactly could be the reasons that you are not getting selected for the jobs applied. In our country, we have lakhs of educated youth who are not getting good jobs as per their qualification and experience. There are a number of people who are doing underpaid jobs or below their level of qualification.

If in case you are appearing for interviews and not getting any favorable offer, there may be a possibility that you are doing some mistake somewhere that is becoming a hindrance to your selection. So, as a recruiter, here are some points that you need to take care while going for an interview the next time.

How you Network: In today’s scenario, it is very important to have a good network. You should be aware of the surroundings, what is going on and what are the views of people in your network on the issue. You may not realize the importance of networking, but it is extremely important to have the right kind of contacts.

Right Interviews: In an interview, if you have answered all the asked questions correct, then it doesn’t guarantee you the job selection. A recruiter looks at a lot of aspects while meeting you for an interview. He will have an eye on your body language, communication, eye to detail, adaptability, your posture, and even how you answer. So, if you are not getting selected, you need to access your skills again.

Submitting only Resumes: When a recruiter has a number of applications for a single open position, he has a great pool of candidates to select from. So, you need to give your 100% while submitting your application. Make sure you have a cover letter attached to the resume that helps a recruiter to have a glance at your profile in seconds which can have a positive impact on others.

Very selective in applying for jobs: Analyze, if you are getting very selective to apply for jobs. We get hundreds of new job openings every day on various job portals. If you are applying just for 2 to 3, that may not be going to help you. Keep checking the requirements and apply to as many as you can that suits your profile. This can help you get a call for the interview soon.

Changing Location: When a candidate applies for the job opening for the location other than his current location, the chances of getting through the interview becomes a little less for the obvious reasons. A recruiter may think about the problems and difficulties you may face for the relocation purpose.

Career Gap: Some candidates have huge career gaps for medical, education, government exam preparation, entrepreneurial dreams, or maternity in case of female candidates. A career gap may be a reason for some of the profiles where they need an employee to deliver the results from day one itself which may be difficult for the people with career gap.

Salary Hike: If you are asking for a larger percentage of salary hikes, your application can get rejected. Be educated about the salary band they are looking a candidate at. Make sure you ask for a reasonable salary hike which can result in a win-win situation for you and organization.

Why you left your last job: Be clear about the reasons for leaving your last job, or the reason why are you looking out for a job change. Be prepared for the valid explanations.

Applying for the right job: When you apply for a job, read the job description carefully. Do not apply for the job profiles where you know only 2 to 3 points mentioned; apply only if you can do at least 60% of the job description. Also, if you have an experience of over 5 years, do not apply for fresher or junior level jobs.

Have you resigned or got fired: If you have got fired from your last job, make it clear in your cover letter. Anyways, the recruiter is going to get to know about it, so better you take advantage of interview time to explain your point of view and your side of the story.

Being very Talkative: You don’t need to talk in excess in an interview. Be particular about talking and answering. Avoid getting into too many details that may not be required for the recruiter to know.

Answer Customization: Be prepared for the common questions that can be customized in one or the other way. You may practice the question like ‘Why you want to join our company?’ ‘Why you want to change the industry?’ ‘Why are you applying for this job when you are over-qualified for the same?’

 So, the next time you go for an interview, take care of all these points as well and do your best.

Best of luck!!


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