Tips to be More Productive at Work

Updated: 4 months ago
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Do you think you are justifying those 8 to 9 hours you are giving to your organization? Do you find yourself in the situation more often when your tasks are still pending? Do you think you can be more productive than now taking proper measures? Do you really know how important it is to keep a check on your activities to be more productive at work? O you think you could do things better or earlier? Do you know how important is productivity in this digital world and that you can lag behind?

If the answer to most of the questions above is ‘Yes’, you must access yourself, your habits, and your daily routine to improve your productivity. Here are few tips that you can consider the same.

  • Make a habit of preparing a list of tasks you are required to do in a day. Then prioritize those tasks as per the time they will consume and the urgency. The list of tasks will keep you motivated to complete all the work assigned in the single day itself. It thrills me when I put a tick mark on each task for the day one by one.
  • It is important to keep moving ahead in order to complete the tasks, however, keep fixing the issues and problems before moving ahead is more viable. The errors, in the beginning, may lead to bigger problems in the end. So, keep fixing the errors and moving ahead to complete the project.
  • Today’s world is full of technological distractions including regular Whatsapp messages, Facebook updates, notifications, LinkedIn articles, and what not. You should make a habit to check the social media handles only once a day and at a fixed time only. Check your emails only at a regular interval. You can keep it 1 to 2 hours or as per the work profile.
  • There is no perfect time to start doing something. Do not wait or linger on the things to be done on a particular date or at a particular time like after lunch, from next month or so on. Always remember, ‘Now’ is the perfect time for everything.
  • We know the best thoughts can occur anytime and anywhere. Never wait to execute the plans, it should start immediately. Even if execution at the same time is not possible, it is extremely important to gather all those thoughts immediately so that you don’t miss out on the points you have in your mind.
  • Now, when you are doing things perfectly and more effectively, retrain yourself to praise the same. Keep doing and achieving, let people do the praising. Never talk about the hard work you are putting in. Nobody is concerned about that; everyone wants to see the result itself.
  • There should not be any negative thoughts regarding the success of your competitors or known ones. If you want to achieve something big, stop being concerned about the small things and keep your mind free.
  • There can be something called ‘Fate’, but you don’t need to wait for that to achieve your dreams. Believe in your hard work and sacrifices. It will take you to new heights and you can make your own fate.
  • Always get ready to embrace criticism if anyone has something to tell you about it. Only lucky people get critics who can really take you to new heights by working on the issues put forward.
  • Set hard limits for yourself. You should be clear on how much time u need to take to complete one task and even the plan for it.

Make sure that you can even delegate the work at the right time and to the right people to make your work easy and competitive. You can focus on important things first and achieve the limits at the earliest and with perfection.

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